• 06.03.2018
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    • From words to deeds, the basics of employer branding

      The basic role in employer branding is played by the coherence between declarations and actions. Unfortunately, many companies tend to neglect this area. It is a mistake, because employees who are convinced their company’s messages are authentic become its best ambassadors. Travesty of Communication In Disrupted – pungent criticism of the Silicon Valley – Dan […]

    • 09.01.2018
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    • New Year, new challenges

      Bartłomiej Brach Marketing strategist and corporate anthropologist:   The major challenge for me in 2018 is going to be to tell the truth from lies. A lot has been said about fake news in the context of social media and media as such. This only seemingly has nothing to do with communication marketers. Our sector […]

    • 06.10.2017
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    • E-mail marketing still effective

      An e-mail – you could say an archaic tool, a dinosaur in today’s communication. In comparison to modern intuitive social media it looks rather bland. Is it doomed to extinction? Does e-mail marketing still pay back? To answer these questions, let’s take a look at numbers. And they say that currently nearly 97% of Internet […]

    • 08.06.2017
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    • Award Parade

      Swinging atmosphere, huge emotions, and us in the spotlight! As with any gala, the 9th Power of Content Marketing Awards was very exciting. We went on stage as many as 10 times to do the happy little dance when collecting awards for our projects! We’re excited even more because this year there was a record […]

    • 16.03.2017
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    • 3 content marketing facts that will make you think again

      Last year the Interactive Advertising Bureau Poland (IAB Polska) and the International Content Marketing Forum (ICMF) ran independent research on the current situation and the future of content marketing. The goal was to define the potential of this type of marketing communication and how it is executed by marketers.

We looked at the results carefully, also […]

    • 03.06.2015
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    • 10 times content marketing (awards!)

      First – German roots Swinging Vintage Vegas with Aleksandra Szwed’s guest appearance entertained the audience with some melodic tunes. Since the band came from Germany, let us start with the award for Opel Post – magazine for the employees of Opel production plant in Gliwice, the finalist in the category Digital Publication Online. Second – […]

    • 19.05.2015
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    • Sharing our know-how

      A quick lesson Sometimes a short conversation on the phone is enough to work on the quality of communication. “Sometimes I feel like a phone language center,” smiles Iwona Derda, editor and language expert at AUDE. “I always try to convince customers to use correct language, although I must admit sometimes my attempts are vain, […]

    • 20.01.2015
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    • Reading architecture

      The architects Agnieszka and Andrzej Wereszczyński had at least several good reasons to design their blog. “First of all, we have betted that we do it,” Agnieszka laughs. But she adds seriously: “There was a deficit of webpages that educate investors and customers, show them better, available solutions. We wanted to inspire others, but it […]

    • 12.01.2015
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    • What is content marketing?

      Urszula Radzińska, Head of the Content Marketing Poland Association and the President of Aude, explains why there is so much misunderstanding about this: “Many companies claim that what they do is content marketing. However, they very often deal with only a part of this rather complex process. Hence so many different definitions of this concept, […]

    • 07.09.2016
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    • Slave or ambassador?

      Best Buy electronics provider announced that an increase in it’s employees’ engagement in one of the stores by as little as one tenth of one percent has resulted in an increase of the company’s annual revenues by more than USD 100,000. That’s a lot. This example worthy of remembrance is a proof that companies which […]