• 11.12.2017
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    • May you live in interesting times – of digitalization

      I regret I wasn’t able to hear all the speakers, because the lectures were taking place on five different scenes simultaneously, and you had to decide quickly which one to choose. But I was able to realize that they all agreed on one thing: nobody today can be sure of what the future will look […]

    • 04.02.2016
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    • More than storytelling?

      There are three types of content in content marketing, but according to Lieb, only one of them is technically “telling a story.” The other two types are equally important, but very often the only narration principle they follow is that they have a storyline. Let’s take a look at those three types together with Rebecca: […]

    • 21.08.2015
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    • There’s no communication without relationship

      Why is building relations with customers so important to companies? In the past 'deficit’ times – let’s call it that way – customers often used to chase certain goods. People wanted to have those goos and companies didn’t even have to communicate, as the initiative was on the side of customers. Today, companies need a […]

    • 12.03.2015
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    • The use of knowledge – The Content Council’s report about the sector

      “Customers ask for added value in what they get from companies and brands. At the same time, brands understand that the world of advertising is already saturated. They see their competitors improving their contact with customers through the use of content, which can increase traffic on their website and reduce sales costs. This is why […]

    • 22.10.2014
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    • History of content marketing

      For years brands have been building interesting stories around their products in order to attract customers. According to a content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi, the difference today is the lack of three basic barriers, which did not allow companies to present storytelling to wider public. FOR YEARS, BRANDS HAVE BEEN TELLING STORIES TO ATTRACT CONSUMERS […]

    • 04.09.2014
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    • Image in action – storytelling

      Why do companies need storytelling? There are several reasons. First, people comprehend the world in a narrative way. We are not a catalogue of values or a set of impulses. We need the world to make sense and stories are a good way to achieve this. We generally don’t like hard work, but if we […]

    • 03.09.2014
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    • Video – that’s the clue

      You have worked on the Red Bulletin iPad app in Red Bull Media House for the past seven years. On Red Bulletin website there are words saying „magazine with adrenaline”. I started to think what does it mean, how you can put Red Bull lifestyle and philosophy into digital magazine? Chirstian Graf-Simpson: Video – that’s […]

    • 09.01.2018
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    • New Year, new challenges

      Bartłomiej Brach Marketing strategist and corporate anthropologist:   The major challenge for me in 2018 is going to be to tell the truth from lies. A lot has been said about fake news in the context of social media and media as such. This only seemingly has nothing to do with communication marketers. Our sector […]

    • 25.10.2017
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    • Stories in business, according to Pixar

      For more than 25 years Matthew has been creating stories which make us cry, such as „Ratatouille” or „Inside Out” by Pixar Animation Studios. I was going to write about what he said and how he spoke, but I found his speech from the end of May this year on YouTube, which is basically the same […]

    • 12.07.2017
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    • Plan for a channel

      Optimizing content promotion channels is preceded by a few steps, explains Rose in the CMI University online course. Previously, we should build our own audience to help us differentiate content (as we said in the „Building the audience” post) and develop a unique message that stands out in the marketplace. Then we begin  to optimize […]