• 26.05.2017
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    • B2B conversation with Rebecca Lieb

      Igor Bielobradek runs a blog: b2b-marketing.pl where he shares his experience, asks questions, discusses – and it all revolves around the topic of B2B marketing which Igor has been dealing with for years. He also invites guests and record talks for the „B2B Conversations” podcast series. Guests who know the ropes. This time, in the […]

    • 27.04.2017
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    • Rebecca Lieb about CM Master Class

      Rebecca Lieb: A lot! First (and somewhat immodestly) they will work with two of the most dedicated and prominent people in content in the USA. Stephanie Losee heads content at Visa, a global brand. Earlier she held the same role at Dell. She’s a practitioner par excellence and will share real-world, real-life examples of what […]

    • 23.06.2017
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    • Content is like… a turkey

      On June 6, along with several other participants we were able to take part in a workshop led by two experts in content marketing, which was held at Google Campus Warsaw – a new interesting venue at the Warsaw conference map. Rebecca Lieb and Stephanie Losee, invited by our CEO Ula Radzińska, came to Warsaw […]

    • 16.03.2017
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    • 3 content marketing facts that will make you think again

      Last year the Interactive Advertising Bureau Poland (IAB Polska) and the International Content Marketing Forum (ICMF) ran independent research on the current situation and the future of content marketing. The goal was to define the potential of this type of marketing communication and how it is executed by marketers.

We looked at the results carefully, also […]

    • 19.09.2014
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    • How to make a wise choice?

      No matter which element of content marketing you think of, you have plenty of tools and solutions in the cloud to choose from. A number of suppliers provide web applications to assist management, production and distribution of content (e.g. its form, process optimizing and managing), measuring and analyzing its effectiveness. Here comes the challenge: how […]

    • 17.09.2014
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    • Where beats the heart of content marketing?

      Walking down the streets of Cleveland (Ohio) on the September 8th 2014 morning, I was intrigued. Tall buildings, wide, Manhattan-like streets, but hardly any people. “Where is everybody?” thought I, when a car stopped close to me and the driver asked if I knew where he could find a parking space. “I don’t know, I’m […]

    • 10.05.2017
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    • CM Master Class in the eyes of Stephanie Losee

      Zuzia Kuczborska: What can the participants expect from the workshop? Stephanie Losee: Rebecca and I will walk them through the steps that companies of any size need to take in order to develop and execute an effective content strategy. Z. K.: And what will they gain from it?
 S. L.: They will hear practical advice about […]

    • 04.02.2016
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    • More than storytelling?

      There are three types of content in content marketing, but according to Lieb, only one of them is technically “telling a story.” The other two types are equally important, but very often the only narration principle they follow is that they have a storyline. Let’s take a look at those three types together with Rebecca: […]