• 14.09.2017
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    • Quality content” – what is that?

      Common dilemma of many companies: what’s better – quality of content or the amount of it? If you asked them directly, they would surely reply they go for quality – after all, choosing quantity would mean admitting that they’re not doing their job properly. But reality looks different, and especially online we can find lots […]

    • 25.10.2017
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    • How to avoid producing garbage content – advises Shane Snow

      We create 211 million pieces of content per minute. 70 percent of it is completely useless. Only 5 percent of brand content gets 90 percent of attention. But that’s a good thing! The creation of poor quality content is the best proof that the content marketing sector is growing and beginning to mature. It was […]

    • 28.09.2016
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    • Slow content marketing

      In order to organize chaos sometimes you need to start with saying clearly and loud: Stop! Slow down, take a deep breath and think. Only then start to act – not the other way around. This attitude should be the inspiration for the content marketing environment in 2017, according to Ann Handley’s CMW2016 speech. Would […]

    • 08.07.2016
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    • Video – quality or price

      The Video Engagement Industry Report (which we discuss in detail here) claims that marketers and CMA member agencies see the video as a medium of the future in content marketing, they only have one problem – the return on investment (when asked about the biggest obstacle in the development of this sector the answer “ROI“ […]

    • 27.07.2015
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    • Content marketing worth an Oscar

      American Forbes has listed Ann Handley as one of the most influential women in the Social Media sector. She is Content Managing Director at MarketingProfs, creating relation-building digital content for organizations and individual people. Her passion is forming communities, especially with the use of modern multimedia tools. But before she began her adventure with content […]

    • 03.06.2015
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    • Power of Content Marketing 2015

      That May morning in the Kamienica Theter began with a sip of fruit water from our specially prepared bottles. The speed with which the bottles dispersed among the participants is only a proof that we know exactly what our customers need;) Another type of support for the guests and the conference formula itself were fantastic […]

    • 22.10.2014
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    • History of content marketing

      For years brands have been building interesting stories around their products in order to attract customers. According to a content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi, the difference today is the lack of three basic barriers, which did not allow companies to present storytelling to wider public. FOR YEARS, BRANDS HAVE BEEN TELLING STORIES TO ATTRACT CONSUMERS […]

    • 22.10.2014
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    • Top content marketing organizations

      Stowarzyszenie Content Marketing Polska (Content Marketing Poland Association) – Formerly known as the Custom Press Association. Formulates and popularises high quality norms and standards for publishing business in Poland. Since 2010 the association also functions within the International Content Marketing Forum. One of its key initiatives is the largest publishing competition and gala in Poland, […]

    • 17.09.2014
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    • B2B Content marketing? Challenge accepted!

      Such hard work should be assisted. Here are the best practices for B2B content marketers according to Lee Traupel: content marketing is a marathon: start slowly set benchmarks in the beginning move forward, don’t get stuck in place level content marketing strategy with other strategies engage the whole organization, no matter whether it is fifteen […]

    • 03.09.2014
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    • The power of content

      What are the trends in content marketing? Are brands increasing investments on content marketing? Even though the latest Bellwether report points to a 1% increase in all marketing budgets, which is the second lowest rate in the history of the report, marketing directors are beginning to see brand content as an alternative to traditional marketing […]