• 05.04.2018
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    • Smartphone photography in practice

      If you still don’t believe you can use your phone to document an event or a simple office photoshoot, maybe you’ll get convinced by the fact that smartphone photography has been used on the covers of prestigious magazines. Take the reverberating example of the February cover of the “Billboard” magazine with Camila Cabello, or the […]

    • 29.09.2016
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    • 19.05.2015
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    • Fashion session, wrap up your brand in a story

      YOURway Project Narrative marketing is currently believed to be the most effective image building method by many experts. The world’s largest brands make conscious use of that technique, gaining a serious competitive advantage. This is a proposition for companies looking for state-of-the-art solutions, who want to be heard and not drown in the sea of […]

    • 29.07.2016
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    • Good layout – but what does it mean?

      This requirement and the type of the reader are the basic criteria one must take into consideration when designing a layout. This is clearly visible in our layouts developed for various customers who come from different sectors and all have different needs. Publications for customers from e.g. the financial sector are calm and economical in […]

    • 01.09.2018
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    • The Blurred Stork

      It started innocently. We were working on the next issue of a magazine for one of our customers. The texts and images were coming to our office one by one, everything was going well. Eventually, the time came for an article on the lightsome subject of storks living in Poland. The editor took the rich […]

    • 13.10.2015
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    • Between color and a font

      Convincing him to talk about himself wasn’t easy. He would rather tell us about how his job should be done. But those who know him understand that beneath the face of a tough, powerfully built man there hides a sensitive soul. I’m just doing my job – he says modestly. – I design and paint. […]

    • 13.04.2015
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    • Content marketing tourism

      Conferences, despite their formal character, are essential for everyday work: they show how the sector is changing, provide space for networking, sharing knowledge, getting inspired for further work, and allow you to change your perspective. Shortly speaking: they provide value for your company and help you achieve your business goals. Here’s a list of 10 […]

    • 06.11.2014
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    • First day of WebSummit 2014

       Don’t be a marketer, be a designer. New technologies provide greater involvement of the users by knowing them better (knowing, not measuring) and breaking their anonymity. This is the foundation of involvement. Technologies project and suport the development of non-anonymous users for your product. Local Mobile Marketers share their way to succeed: Non-invasive way of […]