• 05.04.2018
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    • Smartphone photography in practice

      If you still don’t believe you can use your phone to document an event or a simple office photoshoot, maybe you’ll get convinced by the fact that smartphone photography has been used on the covers of prestigious magazines. Take the reverberating example of the February cover of the “Billboard” magazine with Camila Cabello, or the […]

    • 09.02.2018
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    • Is it worth taking photos with smartphones?

      When in May 1999 Kyocera was launching the first phone with an in-built digital camera, few people imagined it would be the beginning of a photographic revolution. The model VP-210 had astonishing possibilities: resolution of 0.1 MP, which was dramatically low. But it also allowed for video chatting with the fluidity of 2 (!) frames […]

    • 29.09.2016
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    • Professional photo shoot for employees – unnecessary expense?

      “How they see you is how they perceive you” – an old Polish saying goes. Let’s see if it’s true. Take a look at the two pictures below:       The first image from the top is an amateur photo taken with a smartphone, the second one – taken by a professional with a […]

    • 22.08.2016
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    • Chasing the photo

      Let me start with some extreme choices made by a Russian girl chasing the most original shots. Gimnastic Angela Nikolau has a very dangerous hobby, but also one that is very popular among young people in Russia, particularly in St. Petersburg, which combines rooftopping with photography. The movement involves climbing onto roofs, balconies, cornices of […]

    • 05.10.2015
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    • Finding free stock photos

      Foter http://foter.com A bottomless image well:) Here you will find plenty of free images with no need to register to use them. One huge advantage of this site is the photo categorization – both when it comes to image types and license types: Commercial Use and Non-Commercial. Additional WordPress plug-in allows to search the base […]

    • 21.09.2015
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    • How to use photos from the web

      I would like to talk to you about the legal aspects of using somebody’s photograph found on the Internet. Paweł Chojecki: OK. To begin with, let me explain a few things. First of all, using images found on the Internet, very often on international portals, is connected with the problem of deciding which regulations are […]

    • 08.06.2015
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    • Photographer is like a tailor

      You said you’d compare a photographer making a photo shoot to a personal tailor. Why this comparison? Jacek Piotrowski: The fashion metaphor is of course a simplification, because taking photographs is a far more complicated process: choosing the concept, the background, lighting… But we do order photos and suits for similar reasons, so maybe the […]

    • 01.09.2018
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    • The Blurred Stork

      It started innocently. We were working on the next issue of a magazine for one of our customers. The texts and images were coming to our office one by one, everything was going well. Eventually, the time came for an article on the lightsome subject of storks living in Poland. The editor took the rich […]

    • 10.08.2018
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    • When do we get the magazine?

      The closer the date of sending the magazine to print the more tense it gets. Anyone who has been through sending a magazine to print at least once will know what it looks like: your phone never stops ringing, last emails from the customer with corrections, photo on page nine needs to be swapped because […]

    • 28.05.2018
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    • A few words from graphic designer to Dear Customers…

      I get an article, a few photos and instructions to create “a nice looking” graphic… Bang! There goes the first mine. The customer is alive, but he’s going to have a limp leg for the rest of his life. Why? What happened? A graphic designer is completely lost when faced with the expression “nice-looking  graphic,” […]