• 09.02.2018
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    • Is it worth taking photos with smartphones?

      When in May 1999 Kyocera was launching the first phone with an in-built digital camera, few people imagined it would be the beginning of a photographic revolution. The model VP-210 had astonishing possibilities: resolution of 0.1 MP, which was dramatically low. But it also allowed for video chatting with the fluidity of 2 (!) frames […]

    • 09.01.2018
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    • New Year, new challenges

      Bartłomiej Brach Marketing strategist and corporate anthropologist:   The major challenge for me in 2018 is going to be to tell the truth from lies. A lot has been said about fake news in the context of social media and media as such. This only seemingly has nothing to do with communication marketers. Our sector […]

    • 28.11.2016
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    • Leashed by high-tech

      You know this feeling? Searching your pockets restlessly, checking your jacket, your pants and your bag, until you finally realize you forgot to take your phone, and there’s the dilemma: should you go back and grab it or just carry on completely cut off from the world for the rest of the day? Being mobile […]

    • 11.08.2016
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    • How to get customers with Pokemon Go

      Those millions of consumers, who spend their entire afternoons collecting virtual Pokemons, need to walk the actual streets, parks, stores and restaurants to do so… Local businesses are just waiting for such a chance. Naturally, those customers do not go to those places just like that – it is the game that attracts them. Which […]

    • 18.07.2016
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    • Holidays with a laptop?

      Meanwhile… We put not only a laptop to the bag, but also a smartphone (or even two), we make sure the Internet is available where we’re going or take a mobile broadband, we pack chargers, check the memory cards… Phew! Plus we document all that packing on Facebook or Instagram.
Are we addicted to social media […]

    • 03.08.2015
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    • Print is not dead

      There is an opinion that paper is one of the most jeopardized species in the publishing world. With dropping outlay and the number of subscribers, there’s no doubt print was in the front line in the fight for maintaining readers’ interest. But nobody so far has – or should – announce its defeat in that […]

    • 19.05.2015
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    • Bet on event in B2B

      Indeed, events are your prime time – valuable hours spent face to face with the listener, entirely focused on your message, and an opportunity to get precious feedback. But it is also a valuable time and energy of the participant, who leaves their regular activities to see what you’ve got to offer. You need to […]

    • 20.04.2015
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    • Smartphone killing the tablet?

      Following a long period of tablet expansion, which began in the second half of 2013, a new trend has stepped forward. Online traffic via tablets has been decreasing for the benefit of smartphones. Brandt emphasizes he discovered the trend through his own analyses of customers’ websites, not via large-scale empirical research conducted by an authoritative […]

    • 09.02.2015
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    • Advertising needs great narrators

      Mophie. Following the broadcast of its commercial during the Super Bowl final, the brand of phone batteries and energy banks previously unknown to wider audience becomes one of the most frequently searched words on the Internet. What’s special about that commercial? ALBERT HUPA: First of all, it’s really good. Perfectly performed when it comes to […]

    • 02.02.2015
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    • From network straight onto paper

      This winter saw the publication of the „Pineapple” magazine – a case not anticipated even by Joe Pulizzi: a paper magazine as a test and support for a digital initiative. The publisher, Airbnb, is an international portal offering vacation rentals of homes and apartments directly from the owners in over 190 countries. According to Jonathan […]