• 24.06.2015
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    • Content in Mobile Era

      The way of engaging a mobile reader is a separate question to that about engaging readers in general, Neil Patel believes, co-founder of an eye-tracking application used by world’s largest brands. He wrote on contentmarketinginstitute: It’s time to let go well-worn paradigms about online content and how it’s received, a mobile reader is not like […]

    • 17.02.2015
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    • Get mobile, marketer!

      Altimeter Group in its latest report  “The Inevitability of a Mobile-Only Customer Experience” provides hints that will let Your company find itself in the evolving marketing reality. New experience The expression 'customer experience’ is a sum of customer’s individual experiences, at every touchpoint with a given brand during the entire purchasing cycle. Changes in the […]

    • 25.09.2017
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    • In between the worlds

      I feel lost in between the worlds… I don’t know the exact boundaries between the reality, VR, AR and MR. How can we define these terms? Szymon Darowski: VR – Virtual Reality – is a completely different kind of ‘reality.’ It does not mix with the real reality (I guess we need to call it […]

    • 19.12.2016
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    • Christmas brand stories

      Marks & Spencer Anyone who has brothers or sisters knows that such relation isn’t always easy. It takes little to have an argument, a quarrel, or even a serious fight. But deep in our hearts we love them, carry about them and want them to be happy. Marks & Spencer commercial shows a 6-year-old boy […]

    • 28.11.2016
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    • Leashed by high-tech

      You know this feeling? Searching your pockets restlessly, checking your jacket, your pants and your bag, until you finally realize you forgot to take your phone, and there’s the dilemma: should you go back and grab it or just carry on completely cut off from the world for the rest of the day? Being mobile […]

    • 08.07.2016
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    • Video – quality or price

      The Video Engagement Industry Report (which we discuss in detail here) claims that marketers and CMA member agencies see the video as a medium of the future in content marketing, they only have one problem – the return on investment (when asked about the biggest obstacle in the development of this sector the answer “ROI“ […]

    • 04.02.2016
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    • More than storytelling?

      There are three types of content in content marketing, but according to Lieb, only one of them is technically “telling a story.” The other two types are equally important, but very often the only narration principle they follow is that they have a storyline. Let’s take a look at those three types together with Rebecca: […]

    • 30.11.2015
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    • Online Handmade

      “Responsibility in Camera. ING Bank Śląski S.A. CSR report 2013-2014” is an online publication in RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology guaranteeing perfect content reception on every type of mobile devices prepared by Aude. Automatic adjustment of content to various screen sizes means that many technological limitations need to be taken into account in the graphic […]

    • 27.05.2015
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    • Magazine for tablet and smartphone

      When developing a mobile version for a tablet or iPad, you need to take several things into account: Form We need to decide whether we want to transfer the magazine onto a tablet in the simplest possible way – as a simple PDF [with a simple app for viewing it] or if we prefer a […]

    • 09.02.2015
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    • Advertising needs great narrators

      Mophie. Following the broadcast of its commercial during the Super Bowl final, the brand of phone batteries and energy banks previously unknown to wider audience becomes one of the most frequently searched words on the Internet. What’s special about that commercial? ALBERT HUPA: First of all, it’s really good. Perfectly performed when it comes to […]