• 23.11.2016
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    • Child – A challenging customer

      As part of its pro-sustainability activities – which form one of the basic elements of the company’s global CSR policy – Henkel Polska is carrying out an ecology education program for students from elementary schools. Henkel employees run workshops with students in schools and tell them about environmental protection and the idea of sustainability. “It […]

    • 04.09.2014
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    • Difficult customer? Find the reason in you

      You’re a monopolist, there is no competition Even if you know that the market situation is so good for you that you don’t have to worry about keeping your regular customers, you must make an effort to avoid being arrogant. Customers don’t like it, and can always find an alternative solution. Maltoni gives an example: […]

    • 19.12.2016
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    • Grupa Żywiec sweeps the board – Awards 2016!

      1 First and foremost In the Power of Content Marketing Awards 2016 – Szpalty Roku competition aimed to popularize high standards in Polish content marketing projects, Grupa Żywiec won both Silver and Gold. The Silver award in the category “Content marketing strategy for employees” went to the Champions League with Beer project by Autentika agency – […]

    • 08.12.2016
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    • From the life of company – finding content for internal magazine

      Editors from Aude – Magda Kozińska, who cooperates with “Oponowości” magazine published by Goodyear and Iwona Derda, editor of ING Bank Śląski “Baśka” and “Avon” magazines – surely know the answer to all the above questions. Planning – the art of conversing and selling a feature Regular planning is essential for deciding on the content […]

    • 13.10.2015
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    • Between color and a font

      Convincing him to talk about himself wasn’t easy. He would rather tell us about how his job should be done. But those who know him understand that beneath the face of a tough, powerfully built man there hides a sensitive soul. I’m just doing my job – he says modestly. – I design and paint. […]

    • 19.05.2015
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    • A few words about medical infographic

      Infographic in the light of facts and numbers Today, when the technological progress is rapid and our lifestyle is fast, each day we are attacked by a huge amount of information. Some researchers have even attempted to measure that amount in gigabytes. According to their estimate, if we take into account the words that reach […]

    • 30.03.2015
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    • Hundreds of words… for nothing?

      How much would you have to pay for having a hectare of land around your company cleaned up? You would need to determine the standards of work and penalties fixed by the contract. Seems simple, but somehow you don’t feel enthusiastic about it. It’s different when you need to organize a venue for playing football […]

    • 22.10.2014
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    • History of content marketing

      For years brands have been building interesting stories around their products in order to attract customers. According to a content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi, the difference today is the lack of three basic barriers, which did not allow companies to present storytelling to wider public. FOR YEARS, BRANDS HAVE BEEN TELLING STORIES TO ATTRACT CONSUMERS […]

    • 22.10.2014
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    • Top content marketing organizations

      Stowarzyszenie Content Marketing Polska (Content Marketing Poland Association) – Formerly known as the Custom Press Association. Formulates and popularises high quality norms and standards for publishing business in Poland. Since 2010 the association also functions within the International Content Marketing Forum. One of its key initiatives is the largest publishing competition and gala in Poland, […]

    • 14.10.2014
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    • “Biromaniak” takes it all

      “All those awards confirm we were right to change the form of the magazine, which we decided to do some time ago,” says Magda Brzezińska, Grupa Żywiec Internal Communications Manager. “The magazine now has a clear, modern look, and is popular among readers. Its greatest advantage is a professional publishing level and engaging employees in […]