• 12.09.2014
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    • CSR report in the eyes of the reader

      What counts is a careful and fresh look at a broad material that is subject to concrete requirements (coherence with GRI international guidelines). Why is it so important? It’s not enough to say the report is the company’s showpiece, that influences the way the company is seen by investors/customers and is a reliable source of […]

    • 10.07.2015
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    • CSR to save banks… and the world

      The UnIrresponsible project emphasizes the role of ethics and sustainability in the financial sector.  Artur Nowak-Gocławski talks about the great opportunities the sector has in making the world a better place. In order for this to happen, financiers need to solve several serious dilemmas. One of those dilemmas was the slogan of the second edition […]

    • 18.11.2016
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    • Pearls Award 2016 – New jewels in our collection!

      The news has made us so cheeky that we started to make a necklace of the pearls 🙂 We’d received nine so far, so together with this year’s pearls we already have 11 of them! We are rejoicing together with our clients, as Pearls Awards is the oldest content marketing competition, organized by the Content […]

    • 12.10.2016
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    • Style and craziness, or why we cheer for wise layouts?

      Or rather, you don’t pay attention to it consciously, as fonts usually influence how you perceive the layout, particularly when it includes a small number of illustrations; it is the font that can make the layout look elegant, modern or retro. Our creative director Marcin Rutkowski, who believes the choice of the right fonts is […]

    • 22.06.2016
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    • Exhilarated

      The competition was particularly tough this year: nearly 200 works submitted, 16 jurors and two evaluation stages (online selection followed by traditional deliberations to choose the best projects). The Jury appreciated our work for customers and awarded us with as many as 11 Power of Content Marketing Awards Szpalty Roku 2016. They appreciated our paper […]

    • 07.01.2016
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    • Most-often read in 2015

      Among your favorites were practical stories that you found useful at work – one undisputed leader was the article about free photo sources. It was also worth writing about interesting speakers, e.g. popular branding consultant Paweł Tkaczyk, phenomena (like graphic recording) and people – e.g. authors of architecture blog AWX2. But what is most rewarding […]

    • 30.11.2015
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    • Online Handmade

      “Responsibility in Camera. ING Bank Śląski S.A. CSR report 2013-2014” is an online publication in RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology guaranteeing perfect content reception on every type of mobile devices prepared by Aude. Automatic adjustment of content to various screen sizes means that many technological limitations need to be taken into account in the graphic […]

    • 17.10.2014
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    • Pearl Hunters

      Pearl Awards 2014 winners have been announced! Aude won the silver pearl for ING Bank Śląski CSR report in the category: Best Special Issue, and two gold pearls for Netia magazine for employees “@mazing” in the category: Best Cover B2B and Best Tie-in with corporate integrated marketing campaign. “Thanks so much for your commitment and […]

    • 17.09.2014
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    • The art of communications

      …as: The art of presentation – the report has unusual graphic form, which is still within the recent trends: the typograhy and lettering of the title pages were hand-written, dedicated to this very project. The art of harmony –  the most important initiatives and operations in 2011 – 2012 and bank statistics have been ordered […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • Say cheese!

      Ladies and Gentlemen! It is our pleasure to inform you that during the Szpalty Roku 2014 Gala our customers were invited on stage many times to receive awards and congratulations for our joint publications and projects. Some of them entered the stage several times! It was quite a chance to train the whole range of […]