• 10.07.2015
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    • CSR to save banks… and the world

      The UnIrresponsible project emphasizes the role of ethics and sustainability in the financial sector.  Artur Nowak-Gocławski talks about the great opportunities the sector has in making the world a better place. In order for this to happen, financiers need to solve several serious dilemmas. One of those dilemmas was the slogan of the second edition […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • CSR report in the eyes of the reader

      What counts is a careful and fresh look at a broad material that is subject to concrete requirements (coherence with GRI international guidelines). Why is it so important? It’s not enough to say the report is the company’s showpiece, that influences the way the company is seen by investors/customers and is a reliable source of […]

    • 16.11.2017
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    • Human dimension of employer engagement

      Effective building of employer engagement requires you to invest your time, often money, and to reorganise the flow of information. Inform on time Information on time should be a motto hanging on the wall of your internal communication department. Communication with employees should run like clockwork. It MUST be regular. The recipient gets used to […]

    • 15.08.2017
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    • Let’s go & help! The planet, people, ourselves.

      Henkel Polska is a company for which activities promoting eco lifestyle and care for natural environment are key elements of its global CSR strategy. As Aude we have the pleasure to accompany our client in these actions – not so long ago I wrote about an education project for 1-3rd grade kids, for which our […]

    • 18.05.2017
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    • Hip hip hooray! Aude in SZPALTY ROKU competition final

      We are proud to see our cooperation with our clients result in projects that are appreciated and noticeable among hundreds of others. This year the number of projects submitted was unusually high – which made the jury debate longer than usually. The tension was growing… Ten of our projects that we carried out for our […]

    • 23.03.2017
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    • Meaningful business

      Patagonia, American company specialized in tourist gear production (mostly clothing) is an example of a brand which follows the “doing well by doing good” principle – content marketing social activism. The idea is to give a good example to business by carrying out actions which contribute to a positive change in the world. Brand-activist’s message […]

    • 30.12.2016
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    • How to stand out in the world of visual content?

      Even though an interactive inforgraphic has a crushing advantage over its older sister – a static infographic – it is still rarely used. Why? Of course, the main reason is that it’s more difficult to create. What does this interactive form actually mean? In its basic version, an interactive form includes: scrolling, click/unfold function to […]

    • 23.11.2016
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    • Child – A challenging customer

      As part of its pro-sustainability activities – which form one of the basic elements of the company’s global CSR policy – Henkel Polska is carrying out an ecology education program for students from elementary schools. Henkel employees run workshops with students in schools and tell them about environmental protection and the idea of sustainability. “It […]

    • 18.11.2016
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    • Pearls Award 2016 – New jewels in our collection!

      The news has made us so cheeky that we started to make a necklace of the pearls 🙂 We’d received nine so far, so together with this year’s pearls we already have 11 of them! We are rejoicing together with our clients, as Pearls Awards is the oldest content marketing competition, organized by the Content […]

    • 12.10.2016
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    • Style and craziness, or why we cheer for wise layouts?

      Or rather, you don’t pay attention to it consciously, as fonts usually influence how you perceive the layout, particularly when it includes a small number of illustrations; it is the font that can make the layout look elegant, modern or retro. Our creative director Marcin Rutkowski, who believes the choice of the right fonts is […]