• 14.09.2017
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    • “Quality content” – what is that?

      Common dilemma of many companies: what’s better – quality of content or the amount of it? If you asked them directly, they would surely reply they go for quality – after all, choosing quantity would mean admitting that they’re not doing their job properly. But reality looks different, and especially online we can find lots […]

    • 23.06.2017
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    • Content is like… a turkey

      On June 6, along with several other participants we were able to take part in a workshop led by two experts in content marketing, which was held at Google Campus Warsaw – a new interesting venue at the Warsaw conference map. Rebecca Lieb and Stephanie Losee, invited by our CEO Ula Radzińska, came to Warsaw […]

    • 06.07.2015
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    • First content marketing document

      We really wanted to do a documentary.  It’s the one thing we hadn’t tried yet – told us Joe Pulizzi, founder of CMI. Results of work will be shown in September – premiere is planned at the conference Content Marketing World in Cleveland. The video shows the evolution of content marketing: from its beginnings (e.g. […]

    • 03.06.2015
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    • Power of Content Marketing 2015

      That May morning in the Kamienica Theter began with a sip of fruit water from our specially prepared bottles. The speed with which the bottles dispersed among the participants is only a proof that we know exactly what our customers need;) Another type of support for the guests and the conference formula itself were fantastic […]

    • 13.04.2015
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    • Content marketing tourism

      Conferences, despite their formal character, are essential for everyday work: they show how the sector is changing, provide space for networking, sharing knowledge, getting inspired for further work, and allow you to change your perspective. Shortly speaking: they provide value for your company and help you achieve your business goals. Here’s a list of 10 […]

    • 17.09.2014
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    • Where beats the heart of content marketing?

      Walking down the streets of Cleveland (Ohio) on the September 8th 2014 morning, I was intrigued. Tall buildings, wide, Manhattan-like streets, but hardly any people. “Where is everybody?” thought I, when a car stopped close to me and the driver asked if I knew where he could find a parking space. “I don’t know, I’m […]

    • 03.03.2016
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    • Luxury to admire

      You see, Google had print edition of magazine called Think Quarterly. It is not for sale. Instead, it is “hand-delivered as a gift to a select list of recipients”.  If the largest and most universally recognised web company in the world treats print like such a special product, then let’s just say that creating marketing […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • 10 SEO tricks for bloggers

      SEO is a process of affecting the visibility of a website in search engine’s, such as Google or Bing, natural or organic (un-paid) search results. The goal is to place a given website on top of search results, so that it is the first visible website. SEO is about understanding the search engine and its […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • Research is only a tool

      You are one of the speakers at the Power of Content Marketing conference. This is your first visit to Poland. Was there anything that surprised you? Clemens Koob: I had two very positive surprises. First was free public Wi-Fi for mobile connections – at least in the Old Town. It is a great and very […]

    • 09.01.2018
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    • New Year, new challenges

      Bartłomiej Brach Marketing strategist and corporate anthropologist:   The major challenge for me in 2018 is going to be to tell the truth from lies. A lot has been said about fake news in the context of social media and media as such. This only seemingly has nothing to do with communication marketers. Our sector […]