• 24.05.2018
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    • Power of Content Marketing Awards 2018 distributed!

      ING Bank Śląski has been our customer for 8 years. We create for the bank a periodical and numerous publications to support the company’s communication. This year we published together the culture book “Simply ING” – a book about the people of the banking community and for those people. We showed in the publication how […]

    • 03.06.2015
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    • 10 times content marketing (awards!)

      First – German roots Swinging Vintage Vegas with Aleksandra Szwed’s guest appearance entertained the audience with some melodic tunes. Since the band came from Germany, let us start with the award for Opel Post – magazine for the employees of Opel production plant in Gliwice, the finalist in the category Digital Publication Online. Second – […]

    • 11.05.2017
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    • On the trail of content marketing

      There is a bakery next to our agency, in front of which the staff has been placing a black board every single day in the past few months. The board informs about the offer, ice-cream flavors, whether the meringue is with raspberries today or not:) But apart from this product information there’s always a bonus, […]

    • 19.12.2016
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    • Grupa Żywiec sweeps the board – Awards 2016!

      1 First and foremost In the Power of Content Marketing Awards 2016 – Szpalty Roku competition aimed to popularize high standards in Polish content marketing projects, Grupa Żywiec won both Silver and Gold. The Silver award in the category “Content marketing strategy for employees” went to the Champions League with Beer project by Autentika agency – […]

    • 13.04.2015
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    • Content marketing tourism

      Conferences, despite their formal character, are essential for everyday work: they show how the sector is changing, provide space for networking, sharing knowledge, getting inspired for further work, and allow you to change your perspective. Shortly speaking: they provide value for your company and help you achieve your business goals. Here’s a list of 10 […]

    • 22.10.2014
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    • Top content marketing organizations

      Stowarzyszenie Content Marketing Polska (Content Marketing Poland Association) – Formerly known as the Custom Press Association. Formulates and popularises high quality norms and standards for publishing business in Poland. Since 2010 the association also functions within the International Content Marketing Forum. One of its key initiatives is the largest publishing competition and gala in Poland, […]

    • 08.06.2017
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    • Award Parade

      Swinging atmosphere, huge emotions, and us in the spotlight! As with any gala, the 9th Power of Content Marketing Awards was very exciting. We went on stage as many as 10 times to do the happy little dance when collecting awards for our projects! We’re excited even more because this year there was a record […]

    • 29.09.2016
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    • Professional photo shoot for employees – unnecessary expense?

      “How they see you is how they perceive you” – an old Polish saying goes. Let’s see if it’s true. Take a look at the two pictures below:       The first image from the top is an amateur photo taken with a smartphone, the second one – taken by a professional with a […]

    • 22.06.2016
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    • Exhilarated

      The competition was particularly tough this year: nearly 200 works submitted, 16 jurors and two evaluation stages (online selection followed by traditional deliberations to choose the best projects). The Jury appreciated our work for customers and awarded us with as many as 11 Power of Content Marketing Awards Szpalty Roku 2016. They appreciated our paper […]

    • 08.06.2015
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    • Photographer is like a tailor

      You said you’d compare a photographer making a photo shoot to a personal tailor. Why this comparison? Jacek Piotrowski: The fashion metaphor is of course a simplification, because taking photographs is a far more complicated process: choosing the concept, the background, lighting… But we do order photos and suits for similar reasons, so maybe the […]