• 27.07.2017
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    • 3 reasons to have company blog

      When I cooperate at various projects or discuss on business forums, I tend to see opinions that company blogs are not really necessary, and definitely not a priority. Sometimes people I talk to don’t even know what we are talking about, and they imagine a company blog is to write about how my day was […]

    • 08.12.2016
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    • From the life of company – finding content for internal magazine

      Editors from Aude – Magda Kozińska, who cooperates with “Oponowości” magazine published by Goodyear and Iwona Derda, editor of ING Bank Śląski “Baśka” and “Avon” magazines – surely know the answer to all the above questions. Planning – the art of conversing and selling a feature Regular planning is essential for deciding on the content […]

    • 06.07.2015
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    • Show a human face, company

      Lenin used to say: “History is a weapon. We don’t want our enemy to carry a weapon, why do we let them make their own history?” Has storytelling also become a weapon in marketing? It’s good to ask yourself whether it is a weapon. When we think about weapons, we think someone might get hurt […]

    • 17.09.2014
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    • We save the company image

      When is video good for communication within a company? Olga Jurek: People always prefer watching over reading. The only limit is our imagination. Any information can be given the form of a video. All management messages can be turned into short videos, e.g. about changes in the company, new strategies, coaching, incentive videos for employees, […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • 10 SEO tricks for bloggers

      SEO is a process of affecting the visibility of a website in search engine’s, such as Google or Bing, natural or organic (un-paid) search results. The goal is to place a given website on top of search results, so that it is the first visible website. SEO is about understanding the search engine and its […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • Where lies the power of a blogger?

      We talk about blogging with employees of Heureka advertising agency, famous bloggers Maciej Budzich and Artur Kurasiński, Onet Group lawyer, and the star of the conference, an expert marketing blogger – Natalia Hatalska. With trepidation Advertisers and marketers used to be afraid of cooperation with bloggers. After all, a blog can have plenty of negative […]

    • 18.05.2017
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    • Hip hip hooray! Aude in SZPALTY ROKU competition final

      We are proud to see our cooperation with our clients result in projects that are appreciated and noticeable among hundreds of others. This year the number of projects submitted was unusually high – which made the jury debate longer than usually. The tension was growing… Ten of our projects that we carried out for our […]

    • 25.04.2017
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    • 5 steps to real success in virtual world

      First! – publish reliable articles on your websites and company blogs. Content marketing is by definition based on content, so there is no place here for catchy headlines that carry no interesting message after the reader clicks them. You can do this once, but the reader is going to feel deceived and will either never get […]

    • 27.02.2017
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    • Content: valuable and economical

      The question companies with a small annual content marketing budget should ask themselves is not “How to produce content cheaply?” but “How to produce more with less?” The answer is: create one, but really valuable and comprehensive piece of content; one that is well developed, generates traffic and will likely be shared. Then follow with […]

    • 20.01.2015
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    • Reading architecture

      The architects Agnieszka and Andrzej Wereszczyński had at least several good reasons to design their blog. “First of all, we have betted that we do it,” Agnieszka laughs. But she adds seriously: “There was a deficit of webpages that educate investors and customers, show them better, available solutions. We wanted to inspire others, but it […]