• 19.12.2017
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    • Pre-Christmas survival guide

      Bad Moms 2 is now out, and the audience is laughing out loud watching how the main characters are struggling with Christmas preparations. But when we find ourselves in the middle of Christmas rush, it’s not that funny anymore. Psychologists claim Christmas is one of the most stressful situations in our lives (!). We want […]

    • 16.02.2017
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    • Business gadgets: choose and order wisely

      Goal and meaning A business gadget’s task is to prolong the positive association or awareness of something good, to be an element of celebration. “The recipient must want to keep the gadget” emphasizes Ula Radzińska. For this reason the gadget has to be nice and manufactured with care, especially if it’s addressed to a group […]

    • 10.08.2015
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    • Prick your ears up – Podcasts

      Human voice is able to convey far more meaning through its pitch and modulation than the printed words could ever have – said Nicolette Bear of TopRank blog. This may be the reason why podcasts have conquered the hearts of nearly 40 million Americans. But even though the group is impressive, the mainstream is not […]

    • 30.03.2015
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    • Hundreds of words… for nothing?

      How much would you have to pay for having a hectare of land around your company cleaned up? You would need to determine the standards of work and penalties fixed by the contract. Seems simple, but somehow you don’t feel enthusiastic about it. It’s different when you need to organize a venue for playing football […]

    • 10.12.2014
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    • Chocolate Snowmen

      So we design, we edit, we write and draw, we indulge our boss, we indulge the boss even more, we are ready to do anything the boss wishes us to do even before she says so, anything it takes to make our customers satisfied. Until now our typical day at work looked like this: we […]