• 19.12.2017
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    • Pre-Christmas survival guide

      Bad Moms 2 is now out, and the audience is laughing out loud watching how the main characters are struggling with Christmas preparations. But when we find ourselves in the middle of Christmas rush, it’s not that funny anymore. Psychologists claim Christmas is one of the most stressful situations in our lives (!). We want […]

    • 11.01.2017
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    • Elephant in a forest – what’s ahead in 2017

      Content marketing expert and journalist Rachel Lindteigen believes that in order to be successful in our sector in 2017, you need to follow a set of rules, not necessarily cutting-edge at first glance, but the secret lies in being consistent – you must not forget about any of them with every project you start and […]

    • 19.12.2016
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    • Christmas brand stories

      Marks & Spencer Anyone who has brothers or sisters knows that such relation isn’t always easy. It takes little to have an argument, a quarrel, or even a serious fight. But deep in our hearts we love them, carry about them and want them to be happy. Marks & Spencer commercial shows a 6-year-old boy […]

    • 10.01.2018
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    • From Aude editor’s diary

      Except for the parts he gave us for exclusive use:) The diary is written in the third person, as the editor was advised to do so by a psychologist, after the editor went through a mild nervous breakdown for the third time in the past three months. Wednesday, December 2017  From the life of a […]

    • 15.12.2016
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    • Ho, ho, ho…

      From early morning our attention was caught (and distracted from work) by a huge box full of reindeer ears and antlers, Santa’s and elves’ hats, white Santa’s beard, Santa’s boots… you name it! Even the greatest of skeptics could not resist the temptation to see how they look disguised as an elf or a reindeer, […]

    • 08.12.2016
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    • From the life of company – finding content for internal magazine

      Editors from Aude – Magda Kozińska, who cooperates with “Oponowości” magazine published by Goodyear and Iwona Derda, editor of ING Bank Śląski “Baśka” and “Avon” magazines – surely know the answer to all the above questions. Planning – the art of conversing and selling a feature Regular planning is essential for deciding on the content […]

    • 06.12.2016
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    • Out of the box Santa

      Over the past few days the computers in our office were full of Santas with hipster beards, reindeers flipping merrily around, stars from heaven, snowflakes, Christmas-trees and gift boxes because every client wants to have a Christmas accent – in magazines, on Christmas cards and in newsletters. “I want a happy Santa holding his hands […]

    • 26.10.2016
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    • In praise of simplicity

      I went to Greece recently with a friend from our agency Magda Kozińska, and the last thing we had on our minds was content marketing. But since we couldn’t get away from our minds completely, we also couldn’t get away from our job. That’s the feature characteristic of all 'creative’ jobs – we are working […]

    • 08.06.2015
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    • Photographer is like a tailor

      You said you’d compare a photographer making a photo shoot to a personal tailor. Why this comparison? Jacek Piotrowski: The fashion metaphor is of course a simplification, because taking photographs is a far more complicated process: choosing the concept, the background, lighting… But we do order photos and suits for similar reasons, so maybe the […]

    • 22.12.2014
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    • A book break

      Iwona Derda Margaret’s Christmas Eve, India Desjardins (illustrated by Pascal Blanchet) A lonely Christmas Eve of an elderly lady – because she’ve chosen so, because it’s simpler for the family, because of the… fear that sometimes won’t let you go on. A great book about the Christmas miracle. It has little text, but it’s still […]