• 19.12.2016
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    • Christmas brand stories

      Marks & Spencer Anyone who has brothers or sisters knows that such relation isn’t always easy. It takes little to have an argument, a quarrel, or even a serious fight. But deep in our hearts we love them, carry about them and want them to be happy. Marks & Spencer commercial shows a 6-year-old boy […]

    • 07.01.2016
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    • Most-often read in 2015

      Among your favorites were practical stories that you found useful at work – one undisputed leader was the article about free photo sources. It was also worth writing about interesting speakers, e.g. popular branding consultant Paweł Tkaczyk, phenomena (like graphic recording) and people – e.g. authors of architecture blog AWX2. But what is most rewarding […]

    • 17.09.2015
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    • #CMWorld in a nutshell

      Make them want you Andrew Davis, author of “Brandscaping. Unleashing the power of partnerships” emphasized several times that “if you want to build awareness, you need to buy advertisements, and if you want to build the desire for your product, you need to invest in content marketing.” During his speeches he shared some very interesting […]

    • 10.08.2015
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    • Prick your ears up – Podcasts

      Human voice is able to convey far more meaning through its pitch and modulation than the printed words could ever have – said Nicolette Bear of TopRank blog. This may be the reason why podcasts have conquered the hearts of nearly 40 million Americans. But even though the group is impressive, the mainstream is not […]

    • 06.07.2015
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    • Show a human face, company

      Lenin used to say: “History is a weapon. We don’t want our enemy to carry a weapon, why do we let them make their own history?” Has storytelling also become a weapon in marketing? It’s good to ask yourself whether it is a weapon. When we think about weapons, we think someone might get hurt […]

    • 03.06.2015
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    • Power of Content Marketing 2015

      That May morning in the Kamienica Theter began with a sip of fruit water from our specially prepared bottles. The speed with which the bottles dispersed among the participants is only a proof that we know exactly what our customers need;) Another type of support for the guests and the conference formula itself were fantastic […]

    • 27.04.2015
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    • Inside consumer’s head

      MARIUSZ NOWIK: “Selling the invisible – Customers in a store… with no goods” – Your speech at the Power of Content Marketing 2015 conference will be about product storytelling. Has marketing reached the point where an invisible story about a product is more important than the product itself? PAWEŁ TKACZYK: We didn’t have to reach […]

    • 02.02.2015
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    • From network straight onto paper

      This winter saw the publication of the „Pineapple” magazine – a case not anticipated even by Joe Pulizzi: a paper magazine as a test and support for a digital initiative. The publisher, Airbnb, is an international portal offering vacation rentals of homes and apartments directly from the owners in over 190 countries. According to Jonathan […]

    • 22.10.2014
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    • History of content marketing

      For years brands have been building interesting stories around their products in order to attract customers. According to a content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi, the difference today is the lack of three basic barriers, which did not allow companies to present storytelling to wider public. FOR YEARS, BRANDS HAVE BEEN TELLING STORIES TO ATTRACT CONSUMERS […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • Tell me your story

      This is the question asked by Dr Jacek Wasilewski, expert on rhetoric at Warsaw University and juror of the Szpatly Roku Custom Press Association competition, whenever he advises brands. Good storytelling is the basis of contemporary marketing. Robin Hood, David and Goliath, Tom and Jerry… These are not just cartoon characters, but also corporate stories. […]