• 26.03.2018
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    • Content marketing and B2B purchases

      For 60%  of marketers surveyed by the CMI and MarketingProfs (report 2018 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends) the priority is to provide the right content to the right people in the right time. Where do you find information about customers’ changing needs? In the buyer’s journey analysis. It may seem the purchase process […]

    • 26.05.2017
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    • B2B conversation with Rebecca Lieb

      Igor Bielobradek runs a blog: b2b-marketing.pl where he shares his experience, asks questions, discusses – and it all revolves around the topic of B2B marketing which Igor has been dealing with for years. He also invites guests and record talks for the „B2B Conversations” podcast series. Guests who know the ropes. This time, in the […]

    • 07.01.2016
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    • B2B: Trends and benchmarks 2016

      For the first time researchers asked B2B marketers the following questions: How would you assess the level of content marketing maturity in your organization? Five stages of development/maturity were set forth: sophisticated (proficient, highly developed; 8%), mature (24%), adolescent (29%), young (27%) and first steps (11%).  Overall, 32% of B2B marketers say their content marketing […]

    • 19.05.2015
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    • Bet on event in B2B

      Indeed, events are your prime time – valuable hours spent face to face with the listener, entirely focused on your message, and an opportunity to get precious feedback. But it is also a valuable time and energy of the participant, who leaves their regular activities to see what you’ve got to offer. You need to […]

    • 17.09.2014
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    • B2B Content marketing? Challenge accepted!

      Such hard work should be assisted. Here are the best practices for B2B content marketers according to Lee Traupel: content marketing is a marathon: start slowly set benchmarks in the beginning move forward, don’t get stuck in place level content marketing strategy with other strategies engage the whole organization, no matter whether it is fifteen […]

    • 24.05.2018
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    • Power of Content Marketing Awards 2018 distributed!

      ING Bank Śląski has been our customer for 8 years. We create for the bank a periodical and numerous publications to support the company’s communication. This year we published together the culture book “Simply ING” – a book about the people of the banking community and for those people. We showed in the publication how […]

    • 27.07.2017
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    • 3 reasons to have company blog

      When I cooperate at various projects or discuss on business forums, I tend to see opinions that company blogs are not really necessary, and definitely not a priority. Sometimes people I talk to don’t even know what we are talking about, and they imagine a company blog is to write about how my day was […]

    • 14.07.2017
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    • Coaching in a hammock

      Katarzyna Fulek-Szajkowska, communication expert, Goodyear recommends two reads: – “The Personal Efficiency Program: How to Get Organized to Do More Work in Less Time” by Kerry Gleeson – this is a very good book about being more effective and doing away with chaos and the feeling of trying to do many things at the same […]

    • 01.03.2017
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    • Building audience

      How do you find lasting audience in B2B content marketing? According to Robert Rose, chief strategist at the Content Marketing Institute, the rule of thumb here is: less is more. One hit wonder and… then what? Many marketers don’t fully understand how audience – a group of lasting recipients – gathers around the brand’s message. […]

    • 22.06.2016
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    • Exhilarated

      The competition was particularly tough this year: nearly 200 works submitted, 16 jurors and two evaluation stages (online selection followed by traditional deliberations to choose the best projects). The Jury appreciated our work for customers and awarded us with as many as 11 Power of Content Marketing Awards Szpalty Roku 2016. They appreciated our paper […]