• 18.11.2016
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    • Pearls Award 2016 – New jewels in our collection!

      The news has made us so cheeky that we started to make a necklace of the pearls 🙂 We’d received nine so far, so together with this year’s pearls we already have 11 of them! We are rejoicing together with our clients, as Pearls Awards is the oldest content marketing competition, organized by the Content […]

    • 22.09.2016
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    • Computer vs. Creativity

      Fortunately, this is still a future threat, but what can we do for the infernal charm of gradually more intricate computer programs not to make us lazy killing the human ability to think creatively? Mind in the Internet era First, let’s take a look at how the Internet is shaping the human mind. The good […]

    • 04.01.2016
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    • Theory for Practitioners

      “They say that readership in Poland is dropping, that the printed press market is shrinking… The era of Internet and fast communication forms has come. Is that really so? ATLAS Fachowca, a sales and guidance magazine, proves the contrary. The publication by ATLAS has been on the market for four years and is constantly developing. […]

    • 30.11.2015
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    • Online Handmade

      “Responsibility in Camera. ING Bank Śląski S.A. CSR report 2013-2014” is an online publication in RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology guaranteeing perfect content reception on every type of mobile devices prepared by Aude. Automatic adjustment of content to various screen sizes means that many technological limitations need to be taken into account in the graphic […]

    • 05.03.2015
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    • New Face of “Oponowości”

      “Oponowości” is a publication with traditions. It used to be a quarterly, a bimonthly, now it has been transformed into a monthly magazine. “We’ve proposed a totally new attitude to the content and layout. The latter is now very dynamic, with many photos, short pieces of information mixed with larger texts, all in a friendly […]

    • 17.10.2014
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    • Pearl Hunters

      Pearl Awards 2014 winners have been announced! Aude won the silver pearl for ING Bank Śląski CSR report in the category: Best Special Issue, and two gold pearls for Netia magazine for employees “@mazing” in the category: Best Cover B2B and Best Tie-in with corporate integrated marketing campaign. “Thanks so much for your commitment and […]

    • 14.10.2014
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    • “Biromaniak” takes it all

      “All those awards confirm we were right to change the form of the magazine, which we decided to do some time ago,” says Magda Brzezińska, Grupa Żywiec Internal Communications Manager. “The magazine now has a clear, modern look, and is popular among readers. Its greatest advantage is a professional publishing level and engaging employees in […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • A glance at credits

      “We used a clear and reader-friendly form, which is something that a cash credit tutorial is not necessarily famous for. Many people see such information as “banking science”: rows of letters, digits and percents, plus a few lines of footnotes – to them this is like astrophysics!” says Magda Kozińska, editor developing an e-book on […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • And the word became picture

      Challenge: An original Christmas gift for customers, the company’s showcase, presenting its strongest point: non-standard attitude to standard subjects. Solution: “Custom mug, box of chocolates, wine – nice but trivial. We needed something special, something that shows the spirit of Aude,” says editing director Magda Kozińska. “We wanted the gift to show our communications, journalist […]

    • 26.03.2018
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    • Content marketing and B2B purchases

      For 60%  of marketers surveyed by the CMI and MarketingProfs (report 2018 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends) the priority is to provide the right content to the right people in the right time. Where do you find information about customers’ changing needs? In the buyer’s journey analysis. It may seem the purchase process […]