• 27.06.2018
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    • Submerging Without Drowning: The Potential of VR

      Visible non-real image enabling us to interact with the content (a computer simulated environment) has been named Virtual Reality. When using VR devices, the user wears a special helmet with an inbuilt display unit or goggles, which are powered by a computer, a video game console or a smartphone. With specialized software and sensors, virtual […]

    • 11.12.2017
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    • May you live in interesting times – of digitalization

      I regret I wasn’t able to hear all the speakers, because the lectures were taking place on five different scenes simultaneously, and you had to decide quickly which one to choose. But I was able to realize that they all agreed on one thing: nobody today can be sure of what the future will look […]

    • 25.09.2017
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    • In between the worlds

      I feel lost in between the worlds… I don’t know the exact boundaries between the reality, VR, AR and MR. How can we define these terms? Szymon Darowski: VR – Virtual Reality – is a completely different kind of ‘reality.’ It does not mix with the real reality (I guess we need to call it […]

    • 03.03.2016
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    • Luxury to admire

      You see, Google had print edition of magazine called Think Quarterly. It is not for sale. Instead, it is “hand-delivered as a gift to a select list of recipients”.  If the largest and most universally recognised web company in the world treats print like such a special product, then let’s just say that creating marketing […]

    • 02.02.2015
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    • From network straight onto paper

      This winter saw the publication of the „Pineapple” magazine – a case not anticipated even by Joe Pulizzi: a paper magazine as a test and support for a digital initiative. The publisher, Airbnb, is an international portal offering vacation rentals of homes and apartments directly from the owners in over 190 countries. According to Jonathan […]