• 06.03.2018
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    • From words to deeds, the basics of employer branding

      The basic role in employer branding is played by the coherence between declarations and actions. Unfortunately, many companies tend to neglect this area. It is a mistake, because employees who are convinced their company’s messages are authentic become its best ambassadors. Travesty of Communication In Disrupted – pungent criticism of the Silicon Valley – Dan […]

    • 16.11.2017
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    • Human dimension of employer engagement

      Effective building of employer engagement requires you to invest your time, often money, and to reorganise the flow of information. Inform on time Information on time should be a motto hanging on the wall of your internal communication department. Communication with employees should run like clockwork. It MUST be regular. The recipient gets used to […]

    • 23.02.2017
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    • Clients on top

      The companies whose good practices have won them the distinction are proud of their achievement, and we are proud to have such clients. The Top Employers Institute is an independent organization researching the employment policy of top global employers and comparing it with international standards. Each year the Institute points to the leading employers – […]

    • 18.07.2016
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    • Holidays with a laptop?

      Meanwhile… We put not only a laptop to the bag, but also a smartphone (or even two), we make sure the Internet is available where we’re going or take a mobile broadband, we pack chargers, check the memory cards… Phew! Plus we document all that packing on Facebook or Instagram.
Are we addicted to social media […]

    • 09.01.2018
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    • New Year, new challenges

      Bartłomiej Brach Marketing strategist and corporate anthropologist:   The major challenge for me in 2018 is going to be to tell the truth from lies. A lot has been said about fake news in the context of social media and media as such. This only seemingly has nothing to do with communication marketers. Our sector […]

    • 20.10.2017
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    • Remotely or on site?

      Communication Working on site is advantageous both for the employer and employees, especially with tasks which require team work and ongoing consulting. The fact your boss is standing right next to you does not have to mean he or she is all about controlling and having an eye on you. Just think how much time […]

    • 19.09.2017
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    • Through emotions to success?

      This is particularly important on the markets – or in the sectors – where it is the employer who is looking employees, not the other way round. In Poland, the trend is becoming gradually stronger where it is the employee who calls the shots. For the past three years the job market in Poland has […]

    • 25.07.2016
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    • All writers are equal?

      I decided to write about how much of a copywriter there is in a journalist and vice versa after reading a text comparing articles in company internal magazines and online advice columns. (link) Among the opinions and comments by people who are directly interested in the topic (i.e. contributors themselves), the problem which was often arising was […]