• 27.08.2017
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    • Guide from chaos

      It all began with the information that there is a task to do – preparing several pages of a magazine for the logistics department introducing modifications to its supply chain running model. I thought the task would be easy on the one hand (only a few pages), and I will be able to learn something […]

    • 26.05.2017
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    • Mission: Possible

      We very often tend to think with the form – “I have to do an advertising campaign,” “I’m doing an email campaign,” “I need a post for Facebook,” “I need an article for my blog.” We first decide on the medium, and then get to thinking about the content. This is a mistake. The channel […]

    • 18.05.2017
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    • Hip hip hooray! Aude in SZPALTY ROKU competition final

      We are proud to see our cooperation with our clients result in projects that are appreciated and noticeable among hundreds of others. This year the number of projects submitted was unusually high – which made the jury debate longer than usually. The tension was growing… Ten of our projects that we carried out for our […]

    • 06.03.2017
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    • Powerful quarterly

      You’re probably wondering what it is? We are when we plan content for the next issue of “Power Engineering – Today and Tomorrow.” The project that we do for the Polish Power Grid company (PSE) requires much effort from the managing editors, mostly due to specialized topics we’re not familiar with. That’s why we work […]

    • 15.11.2016
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    • Web Summit 2016 – A subjective view

      Content To be frank, I was expecting more from such a powerful brand. In addition to the main stage, there were 20 other stages (or thematic paths) running simultaneously. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I thought the presentations were unequal in quality, and the panels very often digressed from their subjects. As soon […]

    • 27.11.2015
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    • Superhero never dies

      Sandefjord in Norway is only 2 hours away from Warsaw. Even though the norwegian climate and customs are slightly different than ours, what connects us is the passion for content marketing and the challenges we are facing each day. We shared a lot information about how we collaborate with customers, we discussed particular projects, our […]

    • 22.12.2014
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    • Eye on the cover

      @MAZING… The cover of Netia magazine is collecting prizes at all the largest competitions, primarily due to the care with which we create the cover photo. The preparations and the work often exceed those in commercial magazines. Starting with a coherent and bearing concept – which always encompasses the whole annual cycle – through make-up […]