• 26.03.2018
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    • Content marketing and B2B purchases

      For 60%  of marketers surveyed by the CMI and MarketingProfs (report 2018 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends) the priority is to provide the right content to the right people in the right time. Where do you find information about customers’ changing needs? In the buyer’s journey analysis. It may seem the purchase process […]

    • 12.07.2017
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    • Plan for a channel

      Optimizing content promotion channels is preceded by a few steps, explains Rose in the CMI University online course. Previously, we should build our own audience to help us differentiate content (as we said in the „Building the audience” post) and develop a unique message that stands out in the marketplace. Then we begin  to optimize […]

    • 14.09.2016
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    • Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway

      Content Marketing World is different to every participant. You may find it boring I keep encouraging you to go there for yourself. But it’s really worth it. Just to get your own perspective. It’s impossible to grasp everything that happens there in those four days with just one mind. There are so many attractive events […]

    • 19.11.2015
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    • Content Inc. – Turning content into cash

      American style career or maybe something more? I believe it is the latter. I have been following Joe Pulizzi’s well though-out business moves for a few years. I am convinced no one understands the idea of content marketing, its challenges and opportunities as well as he does. I can’t remember how I found his podcast […]

    • 17.09.2015
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    • #CMWorld in a nutshell

      Make them want you Andrew Davis, author of “Brandscaping. Unleashing the power of partnerships” emphasized several times that “if you want to build awareness, you need to buy advertisements, and if you want to build the desire for your product, you need to invest in content marketing.” During his speeches he shared some very interesting […]

    • 10.08.2015
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    • Prick your ears up – Podcasts

      Human voice is able to convey far more meaning through its pitch and modulation than the printed words could ever have – said Nicolette Bear of TopRank blog. This may be the reason why podcasts have conquered the hearts of nearly 40 million Americans. But even though the group is impressive, the mainstream is not […]

    • 06.07.2015
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    • First content marketing document

      We really wanted to do a documentary.  It’s the one thing we hadn’t tried yet – told us Joe Pulizzi, founder of CMI. Results of work will be shown in September – premiere is planned at the conference Content Marketing World in Cleveland. The video shows the evolution of content marketing: from its beginnings (e.g. […]

    • 27.04.2015
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    • Inside consumer’s head

      MARIUSZ NOWIK: “Selling the invisible – Customers in a store… with no goods” – Your speech at the Power of Content Marketing 2015 conference will be about product storytelling. Has marketing reached the point where an invisible story about a product is more important than the product itself? PAWEŁ TKACZYK: We didn’t have to reach […]

    • 22.10.2014
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    • Top content marketing organizations

      Stowarzyszenie Content Marketing Polska (Content Marketing Poland Association) – Formerly known as the Custom Press Association. Formulates and popularises high quality norms and standards for publishing business in Poland. Since 2010 the association also functions within the International Content Marketing Forum. One of its key initiatives is the largest publishing competition and gala in Poland, […]

    • 03.09.2014
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    • Meanwhile in America…

      The changes include more than a dynamic growth – a steady increase of expense on content marketing is a long-known phenomenon. Content marketers are becoming more and more confident in their multiplatform activities. Content marketing itself has also become gradually more popular – it is used by as many as 93% of marketers and 42% […]