• 19.12.2016
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    • Christmas brand stories

      Marks & Spencer Anyone who has brothers or sisters knows that such relation isn’t always easy. It takes little to have an argument, a quarrel, or even a serious fight. But deep in our hearts we love them, carry about them and want them to be happy. Marks & Spencer commercial shows a 6-year-old boy […]

    • 03.06.2015
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    • Power of Content Marketing 2015

      That May morning in the Kamienica Theter began with a sip of fruit water from our specially prepared bottles. The speed with which the bottles dispersed among the participants is only a proof that we know exactly what our customers need;) Another type of support for the guests and the conference formula itself were fantastic […]

    • 27.04.2015
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    • Inside consumer’s head

      MARIUSZ NOWIK: “Selling the invisible – Customers in a store… with no goods” – Your speech at the Power of Content Marketing 2015 conference will be about product storytelling. Has marketing reached the point where an invisible story about a product is more important than the product itself? PAWEŁ TKACZYK: We didn’t have to reach […]

    • 12.09.2014
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    • A relationship?

      1. The number of niches and ways of acting in the publisher – advertiser – customer triangle is infinite, and whether you use them efficiently depends primarily on creativity and openness of the editorial teams developing a particular publishing project. One seemingly simple thing, which in practice turns out to be the greatest obstacle in […]