• 11.01.2018
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    • Create your own newsroom

      Each company investing in corporate media wants them to be profitable, however, not all companies know how to use their potential fully. How about changing the way you think about your company editorial board?

    • 10.01.2018
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    • From Aude editor’s diary

      Today, everybody writes blogs, not diaries, but since an editor does not have time to write something that goes public on a regular basis and has a non-extendible deadline, he writes a diary which nobody can see…

    • 09.01.2018
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    • New Year, new challenges

      The beginning of the year is when we often make resolutions and set goals for ourselves. We asked experts on marketing and communication about the greatest challenges awaiting them in 2018.

    • 22.12.2017
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    • Robert – beautiful modest person

      Everyday – when we work on the projects but also when we just look at his photo, thinking about our trips and meetings with him – we keep on realizing how acute his absence is. Now when we’re preparing for Christmas, it’s hard to ignore the thought that all the upcoming Christmas, holidays and work days are going to be without Robert. It’s difficult to make it settle, rationalize it, get used to it. It can be due to the...

    • 19.12.2017
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    • Pre-Christmas survival guide

      Christmas is coming, and you don’t even know where to start? Heaps of projects to be closed at work, and the list of pre-Xmas tasks at home gets longer each day? Before this Christmas we’re asking Aude clients and employees about their ways to survive the Christmas rush.

    • 11.12.2017
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    • May you live in interesting times – of digitalization

      There are bars at airports where you place an order via tablet. This is possibly the worst experience you can get in an unknown environment – a complete lack of contact with humans. Where is the world heading? Is artificial intelligence (AI) going to take control? Will it take over our jobs? Is Huxley’s vision from “Brave New World” going to come true? The speakers at the hub.berlin 2017 conference attempted to find the answers to these questions.

    • 16.11.2017
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    • 20.10.2017
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    • Remotely or on site?

      How about working remotely? This would be hard for a surgeon or a camera operator, but if you’re in a different profession, you may be considering this solution. But is 100% freelancing free of drawbacks? Let’s see how it would work for our agency…

    • 06.10.2017
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    • E-mail marketing still effective

      With constantly improved social media and ever so modern communicators, is there still a place for a communication tool which has been around for over 40 years? According to the latest report by GetResponse, there is, because e-mail marketing is still doing very well.

    • 19.09.2017
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    • Through emotions to success?

      If employer branding was a stick figure, it would embrace with its little hands many areas in an organization, and even beyond it: HR, including the recruitment department and all the departments employees are recruited to, internal and external communication, PR, marketing… plus external agencies. When all these cooperate, you can talk about a chance for success. But you still can’t sit back and wait, because building and sustaining a reputation as a desirable employer requires keeping your finger on...