• 01.09.2017
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    • Quiz at the service of social media

      Are you 100% sure when making an important decision at work? a) of course! I have experience and I know what I’m doing b) I always have some doubts, only a fool wouldn’t have any c) you can always verify your plan so I simply watch and see what happens. If this wasn’t a blog article but a quiz, it would start like the above and for sure more people would do it than would read this text, as psychotests...

    • 27.07.2017
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    • 3 reasons to have company blog

      Well, if you think this is but a fad, surfing on the wave of the recent popularity of this form of expression online, just keep on reading. The very fact you are here on blog.aude.pl should make you think twice…

    • 14.07.2017
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    • Coaching in a hammock

      You feel like reading something clever this holidays? We have a few suggestions for those who are hungry for knowledge even when lying in a hammock or on a beach chair. The books below contain a dose of practical knowledge and have been recommended by experts in communication, HR, managing and marketing, including some of our clients.

    • 12.07.2017
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    • Plan for a channel

      You are probably already using several content delivery channels. Probably even a dozen because – if we look at the latest research of the Content Marketing Institute – this is the average number of channels used by most companies. – Honestly, as marketers we probably use too many of them. And the ones we use most probably do not give the effect we want – says Robert Rose, CMI strategist. That’s why we need a channel plan.

    • 25.04.2017
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    • 04.04.2017
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    • How to combat drowsiness at work

      We all know that feeling very well, drowsiness can get you any time at work. The spring equinox can be troublesome. Just as one or two sleepless nights due to a project deadline, taking care of your children, a team building party… 😉 It’s hard to stay focused enough even to reply to an e-mail. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to put you back on your feet!

    • 12.10.2016
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    • Style and craziness, or why we cheer for wise layouts?

      Sometimes the former is enough:) but it’s also good to go a little bit crazy once in a while, if only the owner of the project allows. What am I referring to? Fonts, of course – those tiny characters invisible for the laymen, but playing a key role in all sorts of publications, from magazines and posters through to signboards. Whenever there is a written word in addition to images, the font matters – even if you don’t pay attention...

    • 22.09.2016
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    • Computer vs. Creativity

      Employee’s creativity and efficient thinking is worth his weight in gold. Ironically, fruits of man’s creativity – technology and the Internet – impair our creative skills (those from the analogue times, when we read books instead of hypertexts). Even though modern technology still has a long way to catch up with human emotions, which play the key role in being creative, the Watson computer is breathing down our necks…

    • 20.09.2016
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    • Pumpkin is content

      How is content marketing different from a pumpkin? Apparently, it’s hardly different at all:) Ever since content marketing became a must have for marketing strategies, many questions have been asked about what it is, what for, for whom and why brands from various sectors are so willing to use it. According to an expert of Atlanta-based Jackson Spalding agency Ashley Sheppard, content marketing is like a… pumpkin.

    • 22.08.2016
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    • Chasing the photo

      Today (19.08.2016) is the World Photo Day – we actually have it everyday in our agency, choosing the best picture from among thousands of them, commissioning photos from photographers and… rejecting photos that aren’t right for the project. Sometimes we’re unanimous, sometimes we’re at one another’s throat. Regardless of technical parameters, two people’s opinion on one photograph can differ dramatically. We do have proofs, however, that our choices are right…