• 17.01.2017
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    • Plain language respects the customer

      "The sad truth about the Polish commercial language is that it doesn’t really exist,” says Dr Tomasz Piekot, linguist and communicologist, coach in interpersonal and social communication. One of the founders of Pracownia Prostej Polszczyzny (Plain Polish Language Workroom, PPP) which has already simplified around 1,000 various texts. Along with Dr Marek Maziarz, expert in new technologies and statistics at Logios research group, they explain what plain language communication with customers is about and why it is so rare.

    • 08.12.2016
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    • 23.11.2016
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    • Child – A challenging customer

      Why? Because children are demanding listeners and you need to reach for interesting solutions to draw their attention. We had to face this challenge when Henkel Polska invited us to take part in a very interesting project – designing a booklet on ecology for elementary students from grades 1–3.              Our booklet allows the kids to play and learn at the same time.

    • 16.09.2016
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    • Summer countdown

      While you, dear clients, and you, dear colleagues who went on vacation were wrinkling your noses looking for the best spot on the beach, the rest of us worked hard. Summer is no excuse! We managed to do so much. What exactly?

    • 09.08.2016
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    • PRINT – The perfect message carrier

      We’ve told you before that print is not a dying medium. We’ve discussed this in many of our articles. You could ask: why bringing this up again? The reason is simple: even though the tool remains the same, the ideas to use it continue to change and surprise. Just like the ones below.

    • 29.07.2016
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    • Good layout – but what does it mean?

      Graphic designers with many years of experience in designing layouts, such as Kasper Skirgajłło-Krajewski who worked e.g. as creative director in “Przekrój,” Edgar Bąk, winner of numerous awards, e.g. the KTR (Commercials Creators Club) and the Society of Publishing Designers in New York, or the creative director at our agency Marcin Rutkowski, author of thousands of layouts, all agree that a good layout is one that responds to the readers’ needs and its visual form must correspond with its content.

    • 03.03.2016
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    • Luxury to admire

      For Nenad Senic, content strategist and print specialist, reading headlines like „Print is reborn again!” is quite frustrating. Did print ever died?

    • 04.01.2016
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    • Theory for Practitioners

      Ettringite – we prepare more than ten titles each month, but this was our first encounter with this word, in the new “ATLAS Fachowca” magazine that we've refreshed for Atlas brand. We can't wait for many more linguistic discoveries while designing the next issues of this expert magazine for people and companies dealing with renovation and construction works.

    • 19.11.2015
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    • Content Inc. – Turning content into cash

      “I had no job, no product to sell (and obviously no income). It wasn't a good position with two kids and a mortgage” – That's how Joe Pulizzi remembers the year 2007. But he did have an idea for content and was able to talk about it. Today, his Content Marketing Institute has been on the list of 500 most dynamically expanding media companies for three years in a row (in 2015 its revenues amounted to 10 million dollars).

    • 03.08.2015
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    • Print is not dead

      “Print is not dying, it is spreading” journalist Rafał Romanowski wrote on Twitter, quoting a few ingenious paper publications projects. Anyway, there are plenty of proofs the word 'gadget' is not reserved for electronic devices. A book looking like a memory stick can be treated as a reminder of another important thought – paper publications do not compete with digital platforms, complementing them instead.