• 01.09.2018
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    • The Blurred Stork

      A photo which seems to be of good quality does not necessarily have to be such, even if it looks great on your monitor. Sometimes we need to make our customers aware of this, asking them to send new, better photos. This is what happened in the case of certain storks, whose presence in the publication was seriously jeopardized…

    • 10.08.2018
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    • When do we get the magazine?

      We’re closing the work on the current issue of a magazine, the customer eventually says “Yes,” which means the magazine is accepted for print and… what’s next? Why another week goes by before the paper physically gets to the customer’s hands? Let us explain why waiting for printed press takes a little bit of patience…

    • 09.02.2018
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    • 27.08.2017
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    • Guide from chaos

      Working on a guidebook for one of our client’s employees (let’s keep it a secret which one as the project is at the implementation testing stage) has shown me, how important mutual respect and mutual confidence in one another’s competences is between the client and the agency. Another key element was patience – the client’s patience for me and mine for them. All this allowed us to finalize a project which in the beginning seemed to me as difficult to...

    • 17.08.2017
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    • Editing and proofreading – inseparable duet

      Text editing? What for? What does it even mean? Isn’t it what proofreaders do? These are questions the publisher can expect from the author. Whether it’s an article about the Viking conquest or advise for serama chicken breeders, there is one rule of thumb: although both the author and the proofreader are crucial links in the text creation process, they are not the only one.

    • 28.06.2017
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    • “Family&Work”

        Kanuf magazine for employees dropped into our hands – or shall we say: we joined the “Family&Work” family – early this year. We’ve completed two issues and won the Bronze Award Szpalty Roku for the magazine. We are delighted to see our cooperation with the new client is so successful.

    • 28.03.2017
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    • AgroKurier – well-grounded in farming

      The end of March is a perfect time for publishing another issue of a magazine for farmers, who are about to open a new season and swing into high gear for the next few months. The latest issue of AgroKurier magazine keeps up with them, providing lots of practical information, e.g. about farm financing and effective investment planning.

    • 06.03.2017
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    • Powerful quarterly

      The drones we wrote about in an article for the latest issue of the Polish Power Grid’s quarterly magazine are unmanned, but the magazine would never come to life without the Aude team and competent writers, who are able to cover topics such as on-load tap changers diagnostics.

    • 10.02.2017
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    • 01.02.2017
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    • Factory of ideas

      So you think when designing websites we simply take images from Shutterstock? Well, very often we do, but lots of our illustrations have been created from scratch. And so it was with the layout for the business column in the latest issue of the magazine we make for Henkel Life.