• 05.04.2018
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    • Smartphone photography in practice

      In our article “Is It Worth Taking Pictures With Smartphone?” we wondered if photos taken with a smartphone can be used in publications. This time we’ll get more practical and show you real examples of such use!

    • 09.02.2018
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    • 28.11.2016
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    • Leashed by high-tech

      How many times have you heard someone say they feel like they’re missing their arm if they don’t have their phone near by? Maybe you have also felt like this yourself? No wonder. According to research, our attachment to high technology is growing each year and has never been so strong. What does it actually mean and how can we use this knowledge effectively?

    • 18.07.2016
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    • Holidays with a laptop?

      An obvious thing for some, for others it’s unthinkable. Being online even on the beach has its consequences. Are they good? Until recently, it seemed that the judgement really depends on the judger: employee vs employer, contractor vs person ordering and so on. Bot now it’s becoming clear that being unplugged on vacation brings many advantages – to everyone.

    • 24.06.2015
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    • Content in Mobile Era

      Let go well-worn paradigms about online content, make it short, catchy, and reduce images to a minimum – says Neil Patel, one of Internet's most influential people. Meanwhile, in Europe the market is monitored by another expert – Marek Miller, Prasa.info Editor-In-Chief, who replies: “Patel forgets about one crucial element, mainly the preferences and expectations of readers.” But that's just one bone of contention…

    • 27.05.2015
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    • Magazine for tablet and smartphone

      Contemporary technologies enable you to collect your favorite magazines in one mobile device. You get  around-the-clock access to numerous publications of completely new quality, which is not possible with traditional paper magazines. Therefore, more and more titles develop their dedicated versions for all kinds of mobile devices.

    • 20.04.2015
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    • Smartphone killing the tablet?

      When you go online, you do so via a smartphone, right? Such an assumption was made by Brandt Dainow on imediaconnection.com where he described how modern mobile phones were displacing tablets in the last few months.

    • 17.02.2015
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    • Get mobile, marketer!

      Want to reach to your customer's pocket? Believe me, the customer is inviting You to do so. Contemporary customers want to have access to their favorite products or services directly from their pocket. Mobile devices are no longer a mere additional screen. Your customer has most probably already given priority to them.

    • 22.10.2014
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    • Small screen, big success

      “What you can find in tablet magazines from USA or U.K. and France, you can also find in magazines such as “@mazing” " says Łukasz Kawęcki, expert on mobile marketing, cofounder of  Optizen Labs. He talks about why Polish publishers should no longer hesitate and look at publications from abroad when entering the mobile market, as they already have good Polish standards.

    • 10.10.2014
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    • Science-fiction at hand

      Each new generation of mobile devices turns our imagination into reality. For producers, a smartphone is the man's universal and omnipresent friend. But is the contemporary man equally friendly towards it?