• 30.06.2017
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    • Superstory

      Some are gifted storytellers and can create interesting stories almost out of nothing, or see them where others can’t see anything interesting. They talk about ordinary things in such a way that you listen with bated breath, and about important things so that it’s hard for you to control emotions. They have an amazing tool. It is about this huge potential lying in story building that Paweł tkaczyk wrote in his book “Narratologia” (Narratology). If not a must, the book...

    • 28.06.2017
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    • “Family&Work”

        Kanuf magazine for employees dropped into our hands – or shall we say: we joined the “Family&Work” family – early this year. We’ve completed two issues and won the Bronze Award Szpalty Roku for the magazine. We are delighted to see our cooperation with the new client is so successful.

    • 24.05.2017
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    • Firstly and lastly: Sales

      The latest issue of Marketer+ magazine includes an article by our CEO Ula Radzińska, who was invited to contribute as an expert in content marketing. This is important information for us, but even more important is what the article is about. It attempts to answer the question about the boundaries of content marketing and about the measure of success.

    • 11.05.2017
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    • On the trail of content marketing

      What does a meringue have to do with content marketing and how is CM different from advertising – let’s take a look at an explanation by Paweł Tkaczyk, author of a popular marketing blog and a longtime member of the jury of the Power of Content Marketing Awards Szpalty Roku. 

    • 25.04.2017
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    • 12.04.2017
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    • Mood and marketing effectiveness

      "I'm not in the mood to watch this commercials" - it turns out that the kind of feelings that many of us might identify with, marketers have long been inclined to underestimate. Recent Yahoo studies show, however, that our current mood really influence how we resonate with marketing content.

    • 11.04.2017
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    • Communication in a nutshell

      It’s hard for me to admit it – as I mostly work with words – but yes, infographic is an art of communication which often has an advantage over text. It wins with speed and ease – you look and you know! It is a huge value nowadays, and the potential of infographics is also visible in the fact they are the subject of academic thesis: recently Magda Małczyńska-Umeda, designer and visual communication consultant, defended a PhD dissertation on infographics...

    • 28.03.2017
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    • AgroKurier – well-grounded in farming

      The end of March is a perfect time for publishing another issue of a magazine for farmers, who are about to open a new season and swing into high gear for the next few months. The latest issue of AgroKurier magazine keeps up with them, providing lots of practical information, e.g. about farm financing and effective investment planning.

    • 23.03.2017
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    • Meaningful business

      To increase added value both in the consumer world and in the world as such – that’s the intention behind more and more brands nowadays. Marketing, activism – or maybe both?

    • 16.03.2017
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