• 09.01.2018
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    • New Year, new challenges

      The beginning of the year is when we often make resolutions and set goals for ourselves. We asked experts on marketing and communication about the greatest challenges awaiting them in 2018.

    • 20.10.2017
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    • Remotely or on site?

      How about working remotely? This would be hard for a surgeon or a camera operator, but if you’re in a different profession, you may be considering this solution. But is 100% freelancing free of drawbacks? Let’s see how it would work for our agency…

    • 19.09.2017
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    • Through emotions to success?

      If employer branding was a stick figure, it would embrace with its little hands many areas in an organization, and even beyond it: HR, including the recruitment department and all the departments employees are recruited to, internal and external communication, PR, marketing… plus external agencies. When all these cooperate, you can talk about a chance for success. But you still can’t sit back and wait, because building and sustaining a reputation as a desirable employer requires keeping your finger on...

    • 14.09.2017
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    • “Quality content” – what is that?

      Content marketing experts often emphasize that you should focus on the quality of content. But what is this quality and how do you achieve it? Here are the answers to these questions by the speakers of the Content Marketing World 2017.

    • 27.08.2017
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    • Guide from chaos

      Working on a guidebook for one of our client’s employees (let’s keep it a secret which one as the project is at the implementation testing stage) has shown me, how important mutual respect and mutual confidence in one another’s competences is between the client and the agency. Another key element was patience – the client’s patience for me and mine for them. All this allowed us to finalize a project which in the beginning seemed to me as difficult to...

    • 27.07.2017
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    • Starting plan

      Why is content marketing a good solution for start-ups? First, according to a report by Demand Metric, the cost of content marketing is 62% lower than that of traditional marketing, while it generates three times more leads. Second, because it’s effective in reaching your business goal, and third, because start-ups are the kind of companies which are very flexible in fitting the realm of the social media, without which it would be hard to talk about content marketing in the...

    • 27.07.2017
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    • 3 reasons to have company blog

      Well, if you think this is but a fad, surfing on the wave of the recent popularity of this form of expression online, just keep on reading. The very fact you are here on blog.aude.pl should make you think twice…

    • 14.07.2017
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    • Coaching in a hammock

      You feel like reading something clever this holidays? We have a few suggestions for those who are hungry for knowledge even when lying in a hammock or on a beach chair. The books below contain a dose of practical knowledge and have been recommended by experts in communication, HR, managing and marketing, including some of our clients.

    • 30.06.2017
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    • Superstory

      Some are gifted storytellers and can create interesting stories almost out of nothing, or see them where others can’t see anything interesting. They talk about ordinary things in such a way that you listen with bated breath, and about important things so that it’s hard for you to control emotions. They have an amazing tool. It is about this huge potential lying in story building that Paweł tkaczyk wrote in his book “Narratologia” (Narratology). If not a must, the book...

    • 28.06.2017
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    • “Family&Work”

        Kanuf magazine for employees dropped into our hands – or shall we say: we joined the “Family&Work” family – early this year. We’ve completed two issues and won the Bronze Award Szpalty Roku for the magazine. We are delighted to see our cooperation with the new client is so successful.