• 23.02.2017
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    • Clients on top

      Winners of the Top Employer Poland and Top Employer Europe 2017 certificates have been announced – we know this not only from the Top Employers Institute website, but also because Aude was responsible for preparing communication about the fact for some of them:)

    • 16.02.2017
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    • 24.01.2017
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    • Artisans of words

      High quality content marketing materials are increasingly in demand – this trend has been visible during the CM conferences over the past six months, where all experts were pointing to it as an important direction for further development. And we are very happy to hear this! Why?

    • 19.12.2016
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    • Grupa Żywiec sweeps the board – Awards 2016!

      The end of the year is very favorable to us and our clients; we have just celebrated the Pearl Awards won at a prestigious content marketing competition, and a few days ago another award went to our long-term client – Grupa Żywiec, a company that swept the board in 2016 winning awards in as many as three competitions.

    • 15.12.2016
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    • Ho, ho, ho…

      We too feel the atmosphere of Christmas:) As I was trying to close an important text on Thursday, two pairs of reindeer ears and antlers emerged from behind my office computer… followed by two smiling faces. We got off work a little earlier that day, and the whole Aude looked completely different than usually.

    • 18.11.2016
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    • Pearls Award 2016 – New jewels in our collection!

      Two of our projects – CSR report for ING Bank Śląski and “Oponowości” monthly for Goodyear Dunlop Tires Polska – were awarded in this year’s prestigious content marketing competition Pearl Awards 2016!!! The CSR report for ING Bank Śląski was awarded with a Silver Pearl (in the category Corporate Social Responsibility) and “Oponowości”/ Goodyear Dunlop Tires Polska – a Brown Pearl (in the category Industrial, Manufacturing and Construction).

    • 15.11.2016
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    • Web Summit 2016 – A subjective view

      53 thousand people gathered at one event in Lisbon. Was it a lot? Imagine all the inhabitants of Jarocin and Wyszków in one place. Was the greatest Web Summit successful? It surely was if you consider the profits of the organizers, local hotels and restaurants. How I remember those four days?

    • 14.09.2016
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    • 22.07.2016
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    • Are you sure you’re making decisions by yourself?

      Mental coach and motivational speaker Jakub B. Bączek, the man who has coached Polish volleyball team to victory, and who deals with providing mental support for businessmen every day, this time carried out an interesting experiment with ING Bank Śląski (also our customer) revealing the mechanisms behind our decision making.

    • 24.06.2016
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    • Culture of sharing knowledge

      Everybody has heard about the idea – after all, our customers talk about it every day. We decided to try it out in practice and share experience with the colleagues from Norway-based Metro Branding.