• 25.10.2017
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    • 14.09.2017
    • Ikona kategorii
    • “Quality content” – what is that?

      Content marketing experts often emphasize that you should focus on the quality of content. But what is this quality and how do you achieve it? Here are the answers to these questions by the speakers of the Content Marketing World 2017.

    • 17.08.2017
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    • Editing and proofreading – inseparable duet

      Text editing? What for? What does it even mean? Isn’t it what proofreaders do? These are questions the publisher can expect from the author. Whether it’s an article about the Viking conquest or advise for serama chicken breeders, there is one rule of thumb: although both the author and the proofreader are crucial links in the text creation process, they are not the only one.

    • 23.06.2017
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    • Content is like… a turkey

      CM Master Class led by Rebecca Lieb and Stephanie Losee is over. We had the opportunity to participate and now we can tell you about it.

    • 08.06.2017
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    • Award Parade

      It was a truly exciting night. During the 9th Power of Content Marketing Awards gala our collection of statuettes grew by 10 new!

    • 26.05.2017
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    • Mission: Possible

      … actually, not just possible but necessary, because having a mission is a necessity more than possibility. It’s like a car: it can be beautiful, state-of-the-art, with rich equipment, but if you don’t tank it up it will get stuck. The thing looks similar with marketing, where content is a vehicle and the mission is fuel. Without a mission you simply won’t get too far.

    • 18.05.2017
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    • Hip hip hooray! Aude in SZPALTY ROKU competition final

      The 10th jubilee Power of Content Marketing Awards SZPALTY ROKU 2017 has been very successful for our agency. From now on, the number 13 is also going to be lucky for us, as that is the number of projects by Aude which made it to the final!

    • 19.12.2016
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    • Christmas brand stories

      More and more brands choose stories instead of traditionally understood advertising. They are visually spectacular and give you the feeling of a lump in your throat. They are most visible before Christmas. Here’s a list of seven – in our opinion – most interesting advertisements this Christmas.  

    • 28.09.2016
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    • Slow content marketing

      Following slow food and slow movement, the time has come for slow content marketing. It is a reply to the flow of content marketing offers and practices which aren’t entirely right. This is the conclusion Urszula Radzińska brought from the conference in Cleveland and this is what we discussed over breakfast at the agency today morning.

    • 14.09.2016
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