• 18.05.2017
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    • 04.05.2017
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      This article is not about the cult Polish comedy film "Sexmission" by Juliusz Machulski, but about a great initiative by the Dove brand. What do they have in common? The main characters in the movie, Max and Albert, were trying to bring back the male gender to the world devoid of men, while Dove attempts to bring back the canon of beauty that is not dripping with sex, but is genuine and natural.

    • 28.03.2017
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    • AgroKurier – well-grounded in farming

      The end of March is a perfect time for publishing another issue of a magazine for farmers, who are about to open a new season and swing into high gear for the next few months. The latest issue of AgroKurier magazine keeps up with them, providing lots of practical information, e.g. about farm financing and effective investment planning.

    • 06.03.2017
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    • Powerful quarterly

      The drones we wrote about in an article for the latest issue of the Polish Power Grid’s quarterly magazine are unmanned, but the magazine would never come to life without the Aude team and competent writers, who are able to cover topics such as on-load tap changers diagnostics.

    • 10.02.2017
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    • 01.02.2017
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    • Factory of ideas

      So you think when designing websites we simply take images from Shutterstock? Well, very often we do, but lots of our illustrations have been created from scratch. And so it was with the layout for the business column in the latest issue of the magazine we make for Henkel Life.

    • 24.01.2017
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    • Artisans of words

      High quality content marketing materials are increasingly in demand – this trend has been visible during the CM conferences over the past six months, where all experts were pointing to it as an important direction for further development. And we are very happy to hear this! Why?

    • 11.01.2017
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    • Elephant in a forest – what’s ahead in 2017

      The beginning of a new year is like a runway – still a bit slow after the Christmas break we are gaining speed to carry out new tasks and to continue the earlier projects. What’s new coming up, and what are we going to repeat cyclically – and how to make it to prevent boredom? And first of all, what's with the elephant?

    • 19.12.2016
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    • Grupa Żywiec sweeps the board – Awards 2016!

      The end of the year is very favorable to us and our clients; we have just celebrated the Pearl Awards won at a prestigious content marketing competition, and a few days ago another award went to our long-term client – Grupa Żywiec, a company that swept the board in 2016 winning awards in as many as three competitions.

    • 15.12.2016
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    • Ho, ho, ho…

      We too feel the atmosphere of Christmas:) As I was trying to close an important text on Thursday, two pairs of reindeer ears and antlers emerged from behind my office computer… followed by two smiling faces. We got off work a little earlier that day, and the whole Aude looked completely different than usually.