• 24.05.2018
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    • 10.01.2018
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    • From Aude editor’s diary

      Today, everybody writes blogs, not diaries, but since an editor does not have time to write something that goes public on a regular basis and has a non-extendible deadline, he writes a diary which nobody can see…

    • 22.12.2017
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    • Robert – beautiful modest person

      Everyday – when we work on the projects but also when we just look at his photo, thinking about our trips and meetings with him – we keep on realizing how acute his absence is. Now when we’re preparing for Christmas, it’s hard to ignore the thought that all the upcoming Christmas, holidays and work days are going to be without Robert. It’s difficult to make it settle, rationalize it, get used to it. It can be due to the...

    • 19.12.2017
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    • Pre-Christmas survival guide

      Christmas is coming, and you don’t even know where to start? Heaps of projects to be closed at work, and the list of pre-Xmas tasks at home gets longer each day? Before this Christmas we’re asking Aude clients and employees about their ways to survive the Christmas rush.

    • 16.11.2017
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    • 27.08.2017
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    • Guide from chaos

      Working on a guidebook for one of our client’s employees (let’s keep it a secret which one as the project is at the implementation testing stage) has shown me, how important mutual respect and mutual confidence in one another’s competences is between the client and the agency. Another key element was patience – the client’s patience for me and mine for them. All this allowed us to finalize a project which in the beginning seemed to me as difficult to...

    • 15.08.2017
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    • Let’s go & help! The planet, people, ourselves.

      When sending out e-mails is not enough to inform employees about a CSR action AND to get their committment, you need to use your head to think of an interesting communication strategy and to design all the necessary materials. And this is exactly what we did when working on a project promoting environment-friendly attitudes for Henkel Polska.

    • 28.06.2017
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    • “Family&Work”

        Kanuf magazine for employees dropped into our hands – or shall we say: we joined the “Family&Work” family – early this year. We’ve completed two issues and won the Bronze Award Szpalty Roku for the magazine. We are delighted to see our cooperation with the new client is so successful.

    • 08.06.2017
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    • Award Parade

      It was a truly exciting night. During the 9th Power of Content Marketing Awards gala our collection of statuettes grew by 10 new!

    • 24.05.2017
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    • Firstly and lastly: Sales

      The latest issue of Marketer+ magazine includes an article by our CEO Ula Radzińska, who was invited to contribute as an expert in content marketing. This is important information for us, but even more important is what the article is about. It attempts to answer the question about the boundaries of content marketing and about the measure of success.