Content marketing experts often emphasize that you should focus on the quality of content. But what is this quality and how do you achieve it? Here are the answers to these questions by the speakers of the Content Marketing World 2017.

Common dilemma of many companies: what’s better – quality of content or the amount of it? If you asked them directly, they would surely reply they go for quality – after all, choosing quantity would mean admitting that they’re not doing their job properly. But reality looks different, and especially online we can find lots of content of little value, which is there only to keep it regular and to make the brand remembered by the audience.

Doug Kessler, co-founder of „Velocity” content marketing agency says that “Quality content resonates with its audience. If it doesn’t do that, it may be smart or beautiful or funny, but it ain’t quality.”

The speakers at this year’s conference Content Marketing World 2017 also debated about what is more important – quality or quantity – and… the latter has won. See how they interpret quality content and how they are aiming for it: