When sending out e-mails is not enough to inform employees about a CSR action AND to get their committment, you need to use your head to think of an interesting communication strategy and to design all the necessary materials. And this is exactly what we did when working on a project promoting environment-friendly attitudes for Henkel Polska.

Henkel Polska is a company for which activities promoting eco lifestyle and care for natural environment are key elements of its global CSR strategy. As Aude we have the pleasure to accompany our client in these actions – not so long ago I wrote about an education project for 1-3rd grade kids, for which our agency designed an educational booklet and here’s another ambitious project…

Each year the organization holds the Sustainability Week with the goal to promote activities supporting sustainability, with particular attention to natural environment protection. This year the company wanted to freshen up the event. We thought there was one way to do this: to get maximum interest from the employees, or even to intrigue them. We did what we could and proposed a numer of communication actions using non-standard communication forms and channels.

Although traditional e-mails were also sent out, it was just a starting point. It reminded about the Sustainability Week and its most important aspects: caring for natural environment, eco education, healthy lifestyle. On the first day, office employees found on their desks boxes decorated with sustainabillity stickers and healthy snacks inside them, while baskets with healthy bars appeared in factories and logistic departments. There were colorful posters hung out everywhere, designed by our agency, of course, and in the least expected places there appeared… feet – humorous stickers referring to the slogan „Let’s go & help.”

We also came up with the idea to make use of the glass drawing boards hanging in the company kitchens and in the main office, and we invited drawer and visual thinking coach Klaudia Tolman, who specializes in translating messages into images in a creative way. Klaudia drew the most important ideas and goals of the Sustainability Week, and the employees were not only able to see her work, but also to join her and draw or write something from themselves.

We also designed badges for stepmeters – as employees were invited to take part in an action of converting steps to funds that they were able to donate to a chosen foundation (this year the beneficiary was the Kosmos Foundation). This way we promote staying active, improving one’s own form and helping others at the same time. Great thing!

We are happy to have been able to cooperate in this project – it all began with the words „let’s go and do some brainstorming” and ended with a creative and effective action „Let’s go & help.”