Well, if you think this is but a fad, surfing on the wave of the recent popularity of this form of expression online, just keep on reading. The very fact you are here on blog.aude.pl should make you think twice…

When I cooperate at various projects or discuss on business forums, I tend to see opinions that company blogs are not really necessary, and definitely not a priority. Sometimes people I talk to don’t even know what we are talking about, and they imagine a company blog is to write about how my day was at work. Not so long ago a person who has been responsible for external communication at a large corporation for years asked me about the significance of such blogs, doubting if there is any at all…

I wrote down in my notebook the most frequent excuses that I hear whenever I start talking about company blogs. It’s worth getting even with them, because a company blog – if it’s done right – has a real impact on company results.

Your excuse:
“The target of my services / buyers of my product are not present in the social media”

My argument:
Take a look at this image first

See? According to a study by PBI (Polish Internet Research) from July 2017, last June there was an impressive number of 27 million Internet users in Poland. Considering the fact there is 38.5 million of us altogether, this is striking. If none of your customers is among those millions, I don’t know what you’re selling:) I guess I can risk saying your customers are also in this group. You can also make sure – it’s enough to use the google trends data to find out what the potential customers are looking for. Even if your service is intended for seniors (who have a smaller representation on the Internet than the younger generations), they often ask their children and grandchildren for help when making a purchase decision – and this is the group that moves about the Internet as skillfully as monkeys climb trees. Maybe they’re reading a great company blog right now, one that has a similar profile to yours, looking for a bargain offer for their dad… Would be awesome if you could reach out to them with your message, wouldn’t it?

You can promote your blog on FB – the number of Facebook users in Poland in 2016 hit 20 millions and according to a Megapanel PBI/Gemius study from spring 2017, the number climbed even further in April – up to 22 625 647 users.
Another benefit of being present in the social media via blog publications is that by creating interesting and wise content about the area your company specializes in, you build a positive opinion about yourself as an expert – if the readers like your posts they will share the links, and thus information about your company reaches a wider audience.

Your excuse:
“I have more important things to think about”

My argument:
If you think you haven’t got time to run a blog because you must tend to your business, win over new jobs and clients, search for more orders and focus on actions that really generate income, then you must know the reason you run a company blog is just it – to attract customers, and the path to this goal is founded on a very concrete strategy. When your company blog is run by professional experts in content marketing, it will bring increased sales and higher income. It is, however, a long-term activity, and in order to see the effect you need to wait for at least 6 to 18 months. A study carried out in the US by hubspot.com, investing your advertising budget in company blogs and their promotion is one of the best ways to spend your marketing funds. Company blogs are effective: B2B companies which run a blog in addition to their website and FB account have 67% more leads each month, and the number rises to 88% with B2C companies. And among American firms which have decided to run a blog, as many as 81% say this was the right decision.

Your excuse:
“I don’t have time to write a blog, and I can’t and don’t like to write”

My argument:
I don’t know how to put it simpler: you don’t have to, have experts do it for you. If the alternator belt in your car breaks off, do you replace it yourself? There you go! When you’re an expert in a different field than ours, nobody expects you to write gripping text for your blog… You can commission a copywriter to write your company blog, employ a content marketing agency that will not only write the blog but also develop a content marketing strategy.
Ah, you’ll have to pay for it… Let me ask – do you pay for the replacement of the alternator belt? Exactly.
A company blog is an additional way to build relations with customers. Professionalists will make sure communication with your customers is on the right path – and with those who can become your customers, too. They will present your products and services in an original way. Systematically provided content guarantees ongoing communication. You can decide on a blog with the comment option, where readers can leave comments and questions about your company underneath the articles. Both-way communication allows you to know your audience and better respond to their needs. And remember that customers tend to choose the offer of the company they got in contact with.

If you’re still hesitating – feel free to contact us 🙂