You feel like reading something clever this holidays? We have a few suggestions for those who are hungry for knowledge even when lying in a hammock or on a beach chair. The books below contain a dose of practical knowledge and have been recommended by experts in communication, HR, managing and marketing, including some of our clients.
Meanwhile, Kasia Duda, Coaching and Development Expert at PepsiCo who deals with personal development on everyday basis, believes heart and soul in using the hammock for recovery and letting go. – For me vacation is to slow down and get lazy, which after taking the rest pays back with increased creativity. The last thing I would take to a hammock with me is a book about personal development, in my leisure time I broaden my horizons reading something completely different. I recommend books by Jurgen Thorwald, in which he describes the development of medicine (The Century of the Surgeon, The Triumph of Surgery, Fragile House of Soul, Gynaecologists, Patients) and forensics (The Century of the Detective, Hour of the Detective). These are fascinating stories of pioneers, to whom we owe the progress in medicine, but also a different attitude to patients and understanding the complexity of the world. In addition to the amazing shift in both these areas, the books by Thorwald also prompt the reader to reflect upon the price paid by patients and animals to enable the development of medicine.

Katarzyna Fulek-Szajkowska, communication expert, Goodyear recommends two reads:

“The Personal Efficiency Program: How to Get Organized to Do More Work in Less Time” by Kerry Gleeson – this is a very good book about being more effective and doing away with chaos and the feeling of trying to do many things at the same time. The advice from the book can be used right away and will work immediately. There’s no need to adjust or to force yourself into changes. Results guaranteed. I can serve as an example.

“Na okruchach zarządzania” (On grains of management) by Dariusz Milczarek and Michał Bukowski – wonderful book about sales and management. Great descriptions of the most frequent management mistakes and failures, providing a thorough explanation of them. Light and at times hillarous language makes it a great overnight read. You will see the mistakes you make and how to fix them.

Agnieszka Krajnik, Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator, Provident Polska claims the most convenient read on a beach is a magazine, and she has one in mind…

“Personel Plus” monthly, as each issue abounds in interesting and practical articles by not only our – Provident Polska’s – experts. I love reading not only the latest issues but also those older ones, as the knowledge inside does not age. They enable you to look at the latest trends from a distance, and to see which solutions sustained and which were a one-hit wonder. “Personel Plus” is HR and EB know-how in a nutshell.

Monika Sońta, responsible for corporate development design, teacher at Employer Branding Studies, Leon Kozminski Academy, and author of “M-Factor. Mom’s Ideal Job” initiative, playfully recommends a book that hasn’t been yet…

Waiting for the next book by brothers Chip and Dan Heath, which is scheduled for publication this fall, it’s worth reminding their previous books, and especially „Decisive. How to make better choices in life and work.” The WRAP model turned out to be very useful for me in making some of my decisions. My decision-making rule of thumb after reading this book is: “Let’s multitrack.”

– In VUCA reality, Steven Pinker is for corporate message creators what Nassim Nicholas Taleb is for management coaches – “The Sense of Style” is a must-read for those who translate business presentations into messages for employees, that is professional writers. I recommend this book to everyone who wants their e-mails to be noticed for their style, word order and message composition.

“The Science of Serendipity” by Matt Kingdon tells about creating innovative solutions opportunities in large organizations. Much has been said about innovation in business. The author emphasizes it requires flexibility and enabling employees to be creative by giving them enough space to work in accordance with their lifestyle.

– I also encourage everyone to visit my blog where you can find more and more entries about creativity and my workshops LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. Because innovation starts with everyday discussions.

Read, discuss, and have fun!