The end of the year is very favorable to us and our clients; we have just celebrated the Pearl Awards won at a prestigious content marketing competition, and a few days ago another award went to our long-term client – Grupa Żywiec, a company that swept the board in 2016 winning awards in as many as three competitions. szampan

1 First and foremost
In the Power of Content Marketing Awards 2016 – Szpalty Roku competition aimed to popularize high standards in Polish content marketing projects, Grupa Żywiec won both Silver and Gold.
The Silver award in the category “Content marketing strategy for employees” went to the Champions League with Beer project by Autentika agency – the jury appreciated its unconventional idea for integrating employees and the project execution; the Gold in the category “Magazine for Employees” went to “Biromaniak” internal magazine, which is the project of our agency:) The jury liked how “passion was reflected in the type of communication, which remains in synergy with the unusual format and the needs of the target group.”

“It is this original format, close to A3, which makes “Biromaniak” stand out among other paper magazines published in Aude,” says Bożena Makowska, managing editor of the bimonthly magazine.

Large pages allow for big-scale designing, with large photos and articles that don’t have to be condensed into several sentences. Designing the magazine is fun because it allows for using non-standard layout solutions, and when it’s ready – the magazine looks stylish and eye-catching, a fact confirmed by the client who can see how much interest the new issues raise among employees.

2 Second
The quality of “Biromaniak” has also been confirmed by the prize awarded in the PR competition  Złote Spinacze 2016, popularizing knowledge about public relations services and promoting highest standards in developing PR campaigns and information policies. In the Custom Publishing category “Biromaniak” won Gold! The jury decided “the project draws attention to issues that are crucial to companies and organizations with the use of traditional owned media.” We are really excited about this, especially that it was the first time in the history of the competition when custom publishing projects were taken into account, in appreciation of their growing importance in the recent years. Here you can watch the gala.

3 Last but not least
The high level of articles published in “Biromaniak” was confirmed by the Pióra Roku competition, which awards the best content marketing articles – we learnt about the jury’s decision just a few days ago! – showing that good content marketing articles require the same amount of skills, talent and engagement as traditional journalism does. Winning an award in this competition is a great honor! One such award, Złote Pióro (Golden Pen) in the category “Publication for Employees: Person” went to Marta Czarnik-Starypan for her article “The queen is only one” published last year in “Biromaniak”. The text about the life of bees – and managing a hive 🙂 – was considered an example of professional journalism.

The awarded author, who works at the Complaints and Settlements department of Grupa Żywiec and for whom journalism is a free time passion, says:

“Contributing to a business magazine such as “Biromaniak” is a chance for me to develop my writing skills, but also to knowing and meeting people from various locations, and participating in Grupa Żywiec life, not only in its professional aspect.”

This year undoubtedly belongs to Grupa Żywiec, and since we are part of this success – let’s make a toast… with Żywiec Szampańskie, limited edition of beer, brewed with wheat and barley malt extracts with addition of Champagne yeast, which had its premiere in spring this year at the 160th anniversary of the brewery in Żywiec. And, of course, we wrote about it in Biromaniak 🙂