More and more brands choose stories instead of traditionally understood advertising. They are visually spectacular and give you the feeling of a lump in your throat. They are most visible before Christmas. Here’s a list of seven – in our opinion – most interesting advertisements this Christmas.  
In this era of oversaturated market, no wonder brands reach for more and more unusual ways of attracting attention and put gradually more effort into it. Advertising campaigns are to pull at our heartstrings, create an emotional bond with the viewer, and at the end of this cause and effect chain – to encourage us to reach for the wallet and make a purchase. According to the 19th research “Christmas Shopping” by Deloitte, an average Polish family plans to spend 1,121 PLN on gifts, food and Christmas gatherings, which is by 5% more than in the previous year. 44% (489 PLN) of the Christmas budget will be consumed by presents, while 46% (512 PLN) by food. Some 63% of the respondents declare they will do the shopping in traditional stores, while 37% – online. The countries with the highest expenses on Christmas are Denmark, Spain and Italy.

Marks & Spencer

Anyone who has brothers or sisters knows that such relation isn’t always easy. It takes little to have an argument, a quarrel, or even a serious fight. But deep in our hearts we love them, carry about them and want them to be happy. Marks & Spencer commercial shows a 6-year-old boy write a letter to Mrs. Claus, asking for a gift for his sister that she’s been dreaming of. The woman secretly sets on an air travel in her helicopter to help the boy in trouble. In the end, the gift is delivered in time, the sister is happy, the boy and the girl are reconciled and the Santa’s reputation is safe. The happy ending also leaves room for reflection: maybe it’s better to let go of a grudge and come to terms with your brother/sister? After all, it’s better to go through life together and be able to depend on each other.


Sainbury’s stores present the reality of Christmas as a fairy tale. It shows how rushed we are, hard working, getting back home late at night, having no time to be with the family and constantly wondering what exceptional presents to give them. We are looking for ideas, but the solution is simpler than you think – the best gift for your family is yourself, because no gift can be better than your presence.
The commercial is lovely, pleasant to watch and looks like a fragment of an animated blockbuster. It is all framed with a happy catchy song.

John Lewis (British chain of department stores)

It’s not a typical Christmas commercial, but it is memorable and popular all the more. So far, it has had nearly 23 million views on YouTube! No wonder – the view of foxes and a badger jumping on a trampoline is rather unusual. And that moment when you realize the dog barking behind the window does so out of jealousy, not aggression, because he also would like to jump on it… 🙂 This funny concept wouldn’t be complete without an equally funny slogan which goes: “Presents everyone is going to love.”


There’s no way not to notice this video. Brilliant shots, great design and costumes plus a hypnotizing main character make this project go far beyond the definition of advertising and become something like a film creation. In this three and a half minute long video mystery twines with ambition, love, passion, anger, fight. All this to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the foundation of the London clothing company Burberry, and to tell the fictional story of its founder Thomas Burberry, creator of evolutionary waterproof fabric used e.g. in the army, aviation or during the arctic expedition of explorer Ernest Shackleton. The brand invited to cooperation elite artists: director Asif Kapadia (Oscar winner for a document about Amy Winehouse) and writer Matt Charman (Oscar nominee for “The Bridge of Spies”).


Is there anyone who hasn’t seen the disarming commercial with a dashing elderly man who decides to start learning English? If there is, it’s about time to watch it. This domestic concept has been broadly complemented not only here in Poland, but also abroad. It is yet another time when Allegro presents us with a moving spot, showing that small things can be more than objects. The company gives them a deeper meaning and makes the viewer realize that seemingly small things can do so much – knock down barriers, shorten distances and get people closer together.
The concept for the video belongs to Warsaw-based agency Bardzo.


Anyone here who hasn’t thought with affection about your first love at least once? Even though with time we can see that what we did back then was rather irrational, immature and full of buzzing emotions, it was also among the most fascinating things we experienced in our lives. The first time you had butterflies, the excitement, the daze and that temporary ineloquence that made you lack even the basic words. Mercedes is building its advertising campaign on those tried and true experiences. Despite the gale outside, the cars (with a little help from parents) drive the teenagers safely to the spot and make their dream about having a date come true.


The commercial of Huawei mobile phones provider shows a family spending time under one roof, but everyone is thinking about something completely different. Each family member is lost in their own thoughts, staring at their mobile devices and forgetting about the people right next to them. The brand encourages to “put the smartphone aside” once a year. This tricky slogan, which in many cases would be like shooting oneself in the foot, works perfectly here. The commercial has a message that definitely stands out among others and puts the brand in a good light.