Mental coach and motivational speaker Jakub B. Bączek, the man who has coached Polish volleyball team to victory, and who deals with providing mental support for businessmen every day, this time carried out an interesting experiment with ING Bank Śląski (also our customer) revealing the mechanisms behind our decision making.

The possibility to influence those mechanisms continues to be a challenge for the marketing industry, which it has to face when promoting products/offers/services in the media, on billboards or in the social media etc. trying to reach customers with a positive message. Customers, on the other hand, emphasize that they have their own opinions and make decisions by themselves. What if the marketers’ influence and customers’ independence is lower than everybody thinks?
Jakub B. Bączek, one of the most popular coaches of success in our country, with whom I talked a few weeks ago about being successful at work and in life (the interview was published in Wysokie Obcasy Extra), shows in the latest experiment carried out for ING Bank Śląski how other people’s behavior impacts our decision making processes. Look at the people on the tram and think which of them you are. I bet everyone would like to be the girl in sunglasses…

For those who deal with crowd psychology this is nothing new – research clearly show that most of us are conformists. There’s no need to resent – it’s a fact. What others do impacts our reactions. Only about 10% of us are individualists (according to more pessimistic data only 1%), the rest simply follows the crowd. You can avoid this lemming-like rush using the frog method. Find out what that is – watch the video and start polishing your inner deafness☺ This may sound strange – but it does makes sense!