The marriage of modern technology and tradition handmade art is possible. It's enough to watch the CSR report by ING Bank Śląski.

We encourage you to vote for the ING Bank Śląski CSR report “Responsibility in Camera” in the “Social Reports” competition. The voting ends on December 2, 2015. You need to mark three reports in the voting.

“Responsibility in Camera. ING Bank Śląski S.A. CSR report 2013-2014” is an online publication in RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology guaranteeing perfect content reception on every type of mobile devices prepared by Aude. Automatic adjustment of content to various screen sizes means that many technological limitations need to be taken into account in the graphic designing process. One of the challenges was to give the report an artistic and unique visual form, at the same time remembering about all the responsive designing principles. As usual, the first step was to develop the whole concept. The content and the visual form of the report had to be consistent.
“We liked the idea proposed by Aude – “Responsibility in Camera”, that is the history of CSR actions told with photographs taken by the bank’s employees,” says Anita Buczkowska, senior communications specialist, ING Bank Śląski. “We announced a competition among the staff members and the best photographs were the basis for the report illustrations,” she adds.
The photographs were the basis for preparing the visual side of the report. “We chose to use a collage form. Handmade symbols filled with photographic background,” says Marcin Rutkowski, art director and co-owner of AUDE. The bases for all the images were hand-made, the collages were then adjusted on the computer, resulting in unique illustrations that combine the vision of the artist with photographs taken by employees.

This is a second CSR report prepared by Aude for ING. The first one, covering the years 2011-2012 “ING – the Art of Responsibility” was published on eco paper and included the most important issues regarding the bank’s corporate responsibility activities combined with images from the ING Polish Art Foundation.