Designers and creative directors, let's unite… in the pain of creation. We have united our forces with colleagues from Norwegian agency Metro Branding. The result – sharing experiences, discussions, and of course our joint work.
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Sandefjord in Norway is only 2 hours away from Warsaw. Even though the norwegian climate and customs are slightly different than ours, what connects us is the passion for content marketing and the challenges we are facing each day. We shared a lot information about how we collaborate with customers, we discussed particular projects, our way of thinking and working styles. There were plenty of similarities. And we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t think of something… During the break, somewhere between our second and third coffee, we came up with the idea for a Metro Branding Aude superhero. The prototype for our superhero – simply an average content marketing agency worker – was every one of us and our guests: creative directors Kari Steinnes Christoffersen and Alex Luzio, web designer Karl Petter Knutsen, digital designer Carla Espinoza-Saenz, senior designer Ina Rod Engelstad, junior designer Madeleine Maraz Melsom and Paal André Schwital – CEO and head of foreign affairs:)

After talking, there’s time for acting, so we decided to use out Aude skills and show the superhero in action… and in this infographic. Click the image:

And here’s a short photo documentation:

After so much talking on Saturday, we spent the Sunday afternoon showing our guests around the city and – naturally – showing them a little bit of good design, e.g. in the Neon Museum (we recommend a fantastic app by the way).