Which free stock photos websites are worth your attention? Well, not all of them. In order to find the answer we've searched and tested over 40 free images sites. Here is a compilation of those which we believe you'll find most attractive.
If you want to find out more about using copyrighted works on the Internet, we recommend our  interview with an expert, attorney Paweł Chojecki.

A bottomless image well:) Here you will find plenty of free images with no need to register to use them. One huge advantage of this site is the photo categorization – both when it comes to image types and license types: Commercial Use and Non-Commercial. Additional WordPress plug-in allows to search the base directly from blog.

Great base with free high quality photos. Interesting shoots, division into categories. The site is friendly, intuitive, does not require registration. It is sheer pleasure to use it! The images can also be used for commercial purposes.

Highly recommended! Here you will find a great number of free photos with a wide range of topics, also for commercial use. The base is serviced in many languages, including polish. Even if you’re not an expert you won’t find it intimidating, as each photo has information about possible uses and whether it requires a signature.

We say a definite YES to this website (landscapes, urban, nature, people, technology, objects, miscellaneous). It’s all for free and without registration. The play with colors and focus add a mysterious and sometimes hypnotizing value to the images. Watching them we felt like for a moment we’ve been taken from our office to a completely different space:)

You can find real treats here, the only thing is… you need to do some searching. The thing is, the site has no browser or theme categorization. The only way to view the photos is by scrolling them, which is obviously a time-consuming solution. Too bad. The good thing is, all photos can be downloaded for free.


Foodiesfeed is a real treat for fans of culinary photos. Looking at some of these pictures you do feel like throwing on a kitchen apron and cooking something delicious! Both free and paid version of photos is available.


Zrzut ekranu 2015-10-1 o 11.24.04Free images
One of the older photo stocks. You will find here free and paid photos, and you need to register to download them. The photos have been divided thematically but… the selection leaves much to be desired. For instance, we found a sleeping cat under the „health&fitness” category, a snake under „finance”, a dog and strawberry ice-cream under „stars”:) We advise to treat the categories freely and to use the site browser.

Zrzut-ekranu-2015-10-1-o-11.24.29Startup stock photos
Free office-related photos. The quality of most of them did not sweep us off our feet, but some of them are pretty decent. You might find them good enough for your project. The drawback is there is no browser – you need to use the scrollbar.


Zrzut ekranu 2015-10-1 o 11.24.44Free range stock
Icing on the cake to finish with. Judging by the quality and the number of photos – this is definitely our favorite! The images look professional and visually attractive. The base is vast and is divided into 30 categories. The photos can be used for free both for private and commercial purposes – although there are some restrictions, e.g. you need to provide the source and authors or the photos used. Photos can not be used for redistribution, sub-sale or for printing on products such as t-shirts, mugs etc (but they can be used in brochures and marketing flyers). Prior to using a photo it is worth reading the terms of use available on the website.

And if you also need to edit images we recommend:

Equivalent of free Photoshop in the basic and pro versions. You can use the program online, without installation. The basic functions allow you to:

  • trim and rotate images
  • change their size
  • adjust contrast, brightness, saturation
  • convert to shades of grey
  • remove the red-eye effect
  • whiten teeth

When it comes to the pro version, you can create layers, apply filters, draw, add text to images.

Photo edit in free and pro version. The former allows to, among others:
•    trim and rotate photos
•    change their size
•    adjust brightness, contrast, saturation
•    add text
•    whiten teeth, change lip color
The pro version allows to use more filters for creating perfect make-up without any cosmetics;)

Place it
An interesting tool allowing to customize images by e.g. pasting your webpage screenshot onto a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or billboard. Below you can view an exemplary image prepared in Place it – we bet you know that view pretty well:)

Bez tytułu
Unfortunately, the free version only allows to download small size images (400×300 px). Larger resolutions are available via paid version.

If all you need is to lower photo resolution quickly, we suggest: Simple Image Resizer, TinyPNG, Yola. They’re so simple to use!
We hope you’ll find our suggestions helpful with many tasks/projects requiring attractive stock photos. Before you download images we suggest that you read the detailed terms of use available on each website.
Good luck with that illustrating!