Passion of creation and authenticity – this is first that comes to my mind when I think about this year's Content Marketing World. Plus the efficiency measurement issue, as this is the problem I need to face every day, just like 70 percent of marketers.
#CMW in numbers 4 days 3500 participants 50 countries 550 companies 225 speakers 123 hours of knowledge 30150 entries on Tweeter 12128 cups of coffee consumed 3,6 million dollars of profit for business in Cleveland

Most probably each of the 3,500 participants has a different view of what was happening in Cleveland. Not only because we are different as people, but most of all because we all search answers to our individual questions. The fifth #CMWorld is 123 hours of knowledge provided within 52 subject areas by 225 speakers. This was my third visit to CMWorld and I can definitely say: I like it.

hala pierwszy dzien konfeencjiowarcie tez

I like it, because I don’t have to choose one path

There’s an interesting session on the schedule so I can join it. But if it’s not what I expected, I can leave and find something more relevant to me. I don’t have to fear I won’t be able to memorize such a dose of knowledge or worry that I need to choose between two interesting lectures. I can get back to a presentation when I’m home, plus I have access to recordings from the sessions. This option can be purchased any time – if you didn’t go but are curious, see for yourself.

I like it, because #CMWorld has perfectly prepared lecturers

When choosing the sessions I mostly bet on people that I know from experience. I am their customer – I read their books, newsletters, I listen to podcasts. It is amazing to see their consistent progress during the meetings. I guarantee you can learn something new every time. Who are these people? Let me limit myself to only three names: Andrew Davis, Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi.

I like it, because the organizers make sure the days spent in Cleveland are packed with knowledge, but also entertainment

There is room for chit-chats. The conference started with The Rock&Roll Hall of Fame.
hall of fame imprezaHall of fame z zewnatrzhall of fame 1Hall of Fame reception 1
We were able to watch documentary film “The story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing”. We have discussed the film here. It is over 40 minutes of valuable and educational footage. Everyone working in content marketing or interested in it should watch the documentary. It addresses all the key issues along with interesting examples. The video is available online (we’re waiting for Polish subtitles!:)).

I like it, because after every visit I have my head full of ideas. I learn lots of new things,  discover new possibilities and most importantly, I notice how many interesting possibilities are still ahead. See for yourself, another #CMWorld coming next year.

otwarcie PulizziHow much does it cost?
conference – USD 1,730
plane – around PLN 2,000
hotel – around USD 500