Spring has brought the desire for traveling. It's worth choosing trips that can also educate, and head for a place where the number of the most talented people from the CM sector per square meter is highest – a content marketing conference.

Conferences, despite their formal character, are essential for everyday work: they show how the sector is changing, provide space for networking, sharing knowledge, getting inspired for further work, and allow you to change your perspective. Shortly speaking: they provide value for your company and help you achieve your business goals.

Here’s a list of 10 such events ahead of you (and us!) this year – and just as many sightseeing suggestions, for when we’re away we’re primarily tourists!

Power of content marketing, May 28, Warsaw
Why should you go? Because this is the largest such event in Poland, recommended even by Emilian Kamiński. Instead of self-promotion you will be presented with case studies revealing which content marketing activities will bring real money.

From the venue it’s easy to get to one of the most media-conscious museums in Poland, the recently opened – and probably the best looking among all Warsaw museums – Polin, Museum of the History of Polish Jews (photo Jacek_Kadaj / Shutterstock.com).

InfoShare, June 11-12, Gdańsk
Why should you go? Innovative projects and people ready to invest in them meet in one place. As a bonus you get a chance to breathe in some iodine.

After the conference we recommend a relaxing stroll across Długi Targ square.


CMA Digital breakfast, April 15, London
Why should you go? It is a well known fact that the mind is brightest during breakfast time, so why not use it to better understand the constantly changing SEO matters? The subject of the upcoming breakfast is: Evolution of SEO for the desktop and mobile world.

After breakfast go to see the Buckingham Palace, maybe you’ll get lucky to see the pirouetting guard.

BCP-Kongress und Preisverleihung, June 18, Munich
Why should you go? Ever wondered how brands communicate in the digitalized world? During the conference in Munich the Managing Director at Twitter will explore that question.

Old locals in Munich say that “white sausage should not here the bells at noon,” so it’s best to make it with lunch and traditional weisswurst before noon. If you don’t make it, however, you can taste this type of sausage at Hofbrauhaus near Platzl 9 (opposite Apple office!) (photo gary yim / Shutterstock.com).


Websummit, November 3-5, Dublin
Why should you go? We have written about this event before. But we can repeat after technology geeks visiting Dubling on those days and Barney Stinson (”How I Met your mother”): “It’s legen-dary”.

What about your time off? Well, it’s hard to think of Dublin without Guinness coming to your mind (photo littleny / Shutterstock.com).


Marketing Festival, November 26-28, Brno
Why should you go? We know what it’s like with references, but the summary of this event by one of the guests – “Work hard, party hard” – sounds blinding.

From your hotel room you’ll be able to see two characteristic spires towering over the Old Town. It is the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, definitely worth seeing from close-up.


The Ultimate Content Marketing Conference, May 14, New York
Why should you go? Americans love big words, and that’s what you’re going to get, however, those words will be said by people who have made spectacular success. In addition, USA is where the world of content marketing blooms – we had to choose from 40 various events when preparing this list.

We saw New York during the Pearl Awards, and to make us feel like celebrities as long as possible we went to Broadway after the gala – we highly recommend! (photo Andrey Bayda / Shutterstock.com).

Authority Rainmaker, May 13-15, Denver
Why should you go? In addition to marketing itself, you can rub shoulders with real show business. Among the speakers are: Daniel Pink, Sally Hogshead, and Henry Rollins (yes, this Henry Rollins). Besides, just see for yourself where it’s held:


Content Marketing World, September 8-11, Cleveland
Why should you go? More than 80 sessions, providing you with all the materials needed to implement a strategy that will develop your business and inspire your customers. We’ve been to the conference, and if USA is the world of content marketing – this is its epicenter.

If you’re already at CMW, it’s great that your spring tours have been prolonged that much. Fall is  perfect time for a walk in the Willard Park, where you can see sculptures such as the famous giant  “Free stamp” (photo Kenneth Sponsler / Shutterstock.com).

Content Strategy Innovation Summit, September 10-11, Los Angeles
Why should you go? Because every research shows the importance of strategy on the road to success, and how few companies are able to develop one. Why not learn that surrounded by palm trees?

Spend as much time as you can in Los Angeles. This is where the American Dream may come true. Speaking of dream – let’s close the list with the view of Los Angeles by night.