The first issue of an employee magazine prepared by us for T.C. Dębicy S.A and Goodyear Dunlop Tires Polska went into the hands of the readers. Five days since the publication no more copies are available. The question remains: Did they like the magazine?

“Oponowości” is a publication with traditions. It used to be a quarterly, a bimonthly, now it has been transformed into a monthly magazine. “We’ve proposed a totally new attitude to the content and layout. The latter is now very dynamic, with many photos, short pieces of information mixed with larger texts, all in a friendly tabloid-like formula” says Marcin Rutkowski, art director at Aude. The idea for the magazine was based on the assumption that it should be as close to the readers as possible, which is why the topic of the month and the cover always have a protagonist.

That protagonist is always one of the employees. Through the prism of that person’s passions and interests, we transfer significant corporate messages. Next to typically corporate content, we also added advice columns: the company’s medical doctor column, advice, psychology column. “The first issue is out there. Many people liked it, but there have also been voices that the change was too much of a revolution. One thing is certain – it was very popular. The only question now is whether that’s because of its attractive content or the insert (a reflective armband)” says Monika Garduła, Public Relations Manager at T.C. Dębica S.A.
In the social area of the production plant we came upon the last copy of the magazine – left on the table recently, still opened at the article about paternity leave… After a closer look at it, we noticed some traces of the mag having been read: wrinkled pages that has been read more than once – this is the look of a magazine that went through more hands than those of the delivery guy…
The last copy of “Oponowości” that we found in the production plant. Looks like it’s been read a lot!




Another issue of the magazine ahead of us – and another test for our concept of the magazine. Keep your fingers crossed!