You say 'content marketing' – you think… Well, people may have various connotations. Marketers like to call their job content marketing as soon as they publish their first business article (and that's good, unless it's simply edited press info). But is there any number of publications that can turn you into a content marketer? How much of it is content, and how much is marketing? Maybe good content is always content marketing? These questions needed a reply.
Our definition of content marketing very often depends on who we talk to and what our goal is. There are just as many theories as people trying to use this type of marketing operations.

Urszula Radzińska, Head of the Content Marketing Poland Association and the President of Aude, explains why there is so much misunderstanding about this: “Many companies claim that what they do is content marketing. However, they very often deal with only a part of this rather complex process. Hence so many different definitions of this concept, which is new to many people.”

This is the reason we asked on behalf of the Content Marketing Poland Association this key question – about the idea behind content marketing – to Polish and foreign experts. What said the founders of the largest content marketing organisations – Joe Pulizzi (Content Marketing Institute) and Claire Hill (The Content Council) – and what was the voice of experts from media companies and agencies?

We’ve organised the answers, preparing the landing page along with the publication What is Content Marketing” for download. It provides various perspectives and explains why content marketing is best trained on children:) Enjoy your reading!
cotojestcontentmarketingIf you’re still in doubt whether your company does content marketing and want it to be done well, feel free to contact us:-)