December – in an agency like ours, this is the longest month of the year. The first 15 days are especially difficult – everybody wants everything to be done immediately, because Christmas is coming, because we won't make it, because time is out, because people are going for holidays, because the boss wants to see the project, and so on.

So we design, we edit, we write and draw, we indulge our boss, we indulge the boss even more, we are ready to do anything the boss wishes us to do even before she says so, anything it takes to make our customers satisfied.

Until now our typical day at work looked like this: we came in the morning, a quick coffee, reading emails, another coffee – even though reading emails from customers can raise blood pressure itself, sometimes it’s just better to fill up your mouth with something before you say too much. But how much coffee can you take? We decided this year will be different, we’ll do something to make that moment after all the emails have been read more pleasant and providing energy for the rest of the day. Hence the idea of an Advent calendar – a childhood memory of parents buying us such calendars at Pewex (for those who don’t know – Pewex was the Communist times’ luxury store, where all the goods were available for American dollars, which were hardly achievable themselves) and allowing us to uncover the lid once a day to enjoy the taste of milk chocolate pralines.

The only problem was to talk our boss – an enthusiast of healthy eating and a chocolate enemy – into stocking up with chocolate boxes… And that’s when we came up with the cunning idea of telling her that Advent calendars are a great Christmas gift for customers.

She bought it! We only had to invent a calendar that shows what we are, that makes you feel the spirit of AUDE. We started brainstorming with traditional ideas – Santa Claus, Christmas tree decorations, nice greetings, or maybe some tips about preparing for Christmas, planning your tasks at work and at home. But this seemed so trivial – telling our customers they should buy a present for their mother-in-law on December 14 and give a nice smile to their boss on the 7th, as smile brings nice atmosphere at work. Naaaah…

opakowanieWe decided to tell the truth – and turn sweet wishes into even sweeter chocolate. We decided to show December as it is. It is a loooong, hard month. Each company has lots of work to be done, because they’re about to close the year. Each home has much cleaning and cooking to be done, because Christmas is coming. There are plenty of people in each store, because they need to do their Christmas shopping. Need to, have to, must… we hear these word every day. To make December duties less of a burden, we have something sweet. After all, even when you’re as busy on December as a snowman, life’s just much more pleasant with a box of chocolates at hand:)
In the meantime, see how busy have been Snowmen from Aude!